It’s getting close to the holidays and people are as interested in saving money for gifts as they are in getting their homes finished for the holidays. Many people end up spending money on window treatments in order to make their home look inviting for family and friends that may be coming to visit.

To help the holiday budget, consider the following tips for buying cheap blinds:
  1. Look for discounts. If a company isn’t offering a discount close to the holidays, then find another company to work with. Discounts can include ‘Buy 3 Get 1 Free sales, 30% off discounts, free shipping and more.
  2. Buy from an established on-line company. Established on-line companies are able to offer better discounts for quality products than companies with storefront properties. Because on-line stores don’t have to cover the cost of renting a property for display, they can offer a more reasonable price for their products.
  3. Buy from a company that has a customer service line where you can speak to a real person. This is going to come in handy if you need help with products, samples or returns.

Doing a little research, here are a couple of the best bargains I could find at the moment:
  • Classic 2” Faux Wood Blinds come with a free cornice style valance upgrade. The Classic 2” faux wood blinds are the best value for faux wood blinds. They are priced competitively and come in a variety of neutral colors with decorative tapes to add a little flair.
  • Each Summit 2” Wood Blind is made from top quality components and wood slats. The ‘traditional look’ compliments both home and office décor. Each real wood blind comes standard with a crown molding valance and cord tilt. Wood stains are designed to blend with either cherry, golden oak or mink woods. For a clean look, one of three shades of white can be had.
  • For cheap window blinds, try the Classic 1” Aluminum Mini Blind. The Chalet Elite 1 inch mini blinds are an easy and affordable way to customize any window. They offer a simple yet traditional window covering for homes, offices and more. Available colors include light alabaster and white.

It doesn’t cost a fortune to dress up your home for the holidays. Take a little time to make sure you get the best deals out there.
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