Most people have heard of cellular shades for the amazing benefits they offer as far as insulation and light filtering/blocking abilities. What most people don’t realize is that insulation is as crucial during the summer months as during the winter months. During the summer, insulation can help reduce air conditioning bills, keep a home cooler and block the harsh rays of the sun.

Benefits of Honeycomb Cellular Shades Include:
  • Light filtering abilities/Light blocking abilities
  • Superior insulation
  • Noise Reduction
  • Reduction of energy costs throughout the house
  • Cordless options for child safety
  • Top Down Bottom Up Options for light and privacy management

Honeycomb cellular shades are available from a variety of manufacturers, however only SlumberShades have been chosen as the Official window shades of the National Sleep Foundation for their ability to block light, sound and remain energy efficient.

When looking for honeycomb cellular shades, consider the cell shapes. D-shaped cells are designed to hold the accordion shape better. Fabrics range from spun lace to point bond. Spun lace is a softer, heavier duty material than point bond. Spun lace is 40% more effective in insulating heat and cold than point bond. The more cells a honeycomb shade has the better insulation it will provide. A double cell shade will provide better insulation than a single cell shade.

Cellular shades come in different grades of light filtration. Blackout cellular shades and room darkening cell shades are excellent at blocking undesired light while light filtering cell shades or translucent cell shades allow light to enter the room during the day but still provide privacy.

Honeycomb shades come in lots of great color choices and for a more dramatic look can be paired with drapes or Roman Shades. Pleat sizes vary for Honeycomb cellular shades from small pleats to medium pleat sizes to large pleat sizes.

If you’re thinking summer shades, but want to be sure to have quality insulating window treatments, then take a look at honeycomb cellular shades. You won’t regret it!
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