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Greenhouses are incredible sources of light and warmth in the winter. However, winter nights, even with double paned windows can suck the warmth right out of the house. In the summertime without appropriate window treatments, greenhouse windows can literally cook a house, spiking the need for air conditioning and fans that drain precious energy resources.

With the right window treatments used the right way, energy efficiency for greenhouses can be greatly increased. In the winter, we recommend opening blinds or shades during the day to allow the sun’s natural heat to help warm the home. However, as soon as the sun goes down, pull the shades to help keep the heat in the home. In the summer, keep window treatments closed during peak daylight hours. This will help keep the home cool. If possible, open windows and blinds during the evening to let cooler air filter throughout the home.

If you need to purchase new window treatments before the summer sun starts baking homes, consider the following.

Window treatments for Greenhouse windows and doors include:
  • EnergyTrack 3/8” Translucent Double Cell Shades. Designed with a unique sidetrack system for maximum insulation, the ComforTrack honeycomb shades save energy. With thermal performance rating up to five times greater than a standard single pane window. Sidetracks on each side of the shade seal the edges of the shades while a foam seal between the headrail and the top of the window frame minimize any heat loss saving energy.
  • SlumberShade 3/8” Blackout Double Cell Shades. These window treatments are the official window shades of the National Sleep Foundation. SlumberShades combine blackout fabrics with energy saving sidetracks as well as top and bottom seals to block light and outside air from entering along the sides of the window.
  • Plantation Shutters. To stay with a natural wood look, try Plantation Shutters. Plantation shutters are excellent for light control and privacy. Shutters are excellent insulators and come in a wide range of paints and stains. They offer easy to clean smooth finishes that look like real wood. At Blinds Chalet we offer composite shutters and vinyl shutters. Each interior shutter is made in USA for faster delivery times than most shutter suppliers.

Look for custom made greenhouse window treatments to ensure the proper fit for the window and to maximize energy efficiency. If you are unsure of how to measure a window, look for an online window treatment company that offers advice and direction. You can also call a customer service hotline through a trusted online retailer to ensure you are properly measuring your window. The goal is to provide a tight seal against the outdoor elements. Greenhouse window shades will bring effective cooling or warming of the home as needed.

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