With winter coming, many people are looking for energy efficient window treatments to help save money on energy bills. There are a variety of energy efficient window treatments that work to different degrees. Below are a few of the most popular energy efficient shades.

Windows are one of the greatest contributors to energy loss in homes. Window Coverings can greatly reduce energy costs and can be up to five times more effective than single pane glass. Any blind or shade can help save money on energy bills, however the ones that are most effective are:
  • U.V. Protection Shades. In addition to superior insulation, cellular shades eliminate virtually 100% of U.V. rays that can fade and damage your furniture and flooring.
  • Temperature Control Shades. Control your energy use and room temps with energy efficient shades! The Cellular shade pattern offers a unique insulating barrier from your home and outside.
  • Light Diffusing Shades. Energy efficient light filtering shades diffuse the light and allow your room to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter without restricting the natural light!
  • Energy Smart Shades. Cellular shade fabric is energy smart! Honeycomb structure traps air and keeps homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer helping to lower energy costs!

Energy Smart Shades include single and double cell shades. Cell shades employ a honeycomb design to trap cold air before it enters your home. Double cell shades are one of the most effective insulating window treatments on the market. They are available in light filtering or translucent materials as well as blackout materials for complete protection. Look for insulating sidetrack systems to ensure cool air won’t be able to seep in the sides.

Energy Smart Fusion Shades include EnviroFusion Textured Linen Roman Shades. Fusion roman shades are two window treatments in one. Specially designed with a cellular shade liner, Fusion roman shades add a layer of energy efficient insulation. Fusion fabric roman shades, created with a flat panel design, provide a luxurious eye-catching cascade shade.

Energy Saving Solar Screen Shades include the Smart Weave line of roller shades, Eclipse Roller Shades, Pfifer SheerWeave Roller Shades, AlumaScreen Solar Shades, EcoGreen Roller and Solar Shades and Tavarua Sunscreen Bamboo Roller Shades. All of these window treatments offer UV protection and cut UV damage by almost 100%. These shades are designed to retain color on the window covering without damaging interior furniture or art work.

Many energy efficient shades serve more than one purpose. For example, light-filtering blinds can also be insulating blinds. Solar Screen shades filter light while cutting UV rays. Each of the above mentioned window treatments will help cut energy costs and will increase the value of the home.

For warmer climates, consider solar screen shades. For cooler climates and maximum energy efficiency, consider cell shades or honeycomb shades, or EnviroFusion Roman Shades. If you have any questions, call an on-line window treatment dealer and let them guide you to the best product for your home.
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