If the vanes on a vertical blind are too long they can be trimmed to the correct length. Because the vanes are made from a thin pvc vinyl material they are easy to cut.

Tools Needed:
  • Pencil
  • Square
  • Scissors or Hacksaw and C-clamp

There are 2 methods to cutting the vanes. With a saw and a c-clamp multiple vanes can be cut at the same time. With scissors only one vane can be cut at a time.

If the vertical blinds are installed, remove all the vertical vanes from the headrail track. Most tracks have clips at the top that hold each vane in place. Remove the vane by separating the clips and releasing the vane.

Mark the first vertical vane at the length to cut the blinds to. Determine the length and using the square mark a line on the first vane. This vertical vane will be a template or master for the rest of the vanes. You may want to hang one vane or louver to determine the correct length for this measurement. Make sure you mark and cut the vane on the bottom or the side opposite the hole at the top that is used to attach the louver to the blinds.

If you are using scissors cut the fist vane. Make sure you cut straight along the line you marked with the square. Using the cut vane, mark each of the other vanes and repeat the process to cut all the vanes.
For the hacksaw and c-clamp method, clamp all the vanes. We recommend placing a piece of wood between the clamp and the top vane to prevent marking the louvers. Cut all the vanes together with the hack saw.

Hang each vane back on the blinds headrail track. Attach each vane on the track by inserting the vane into the clip.
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