You have a home that is comfortable to live in on the inside, but you think it needs something on the outside. You look at your yard and all you see is grass, but something is missing. One of the simplest ways to improve the look of a yard is the addition of trees. While trees can add beauty, shade in the summer and a place for birds and other animals, it is important to understand what trees need to survive.

Generally speaking trees can survive fine on their own. With an adequate amount of sun and water, trees will grow and flourish quite well. However, homeowners need to be aware of a few points to ensure that the trees will be healthy. Trees are different and some require warm weather or large amounts of sunlight. If not, they may not remain healthy. In addition to ensuring you have the correct tree for your climate, you need to monitor the health of the trees. Things to look for would be changes in the leaves or the bark of the tree, and discoloration in the trees. These changes in the look of the tree may indicate a health problem in the tree.

To assist homeowners in keeping healthy trees, below please find the following useful sites:
  • Trees – In this informative page from the National Arbor Day Foundation you will learn general tree information.
  • Benefits of Trees – Web page which lists twenty two benefits of trees.
  • List of Trees – This page from Cornell University lists fifty tree names along with links to information.
  • Tree Information – Useful article which provides information on various types of trees.
  • Tree Fact Sheets – Informative information from the University of Florida which has facts about various kinds of trees.
  • Full Sun Trees – Article which lists trees that need full sun to thrive.
  • Trees in Full Sun – Helpful article that provides a look at trees that grow best in full sun.
  • Shade Trees – In this article from the University of Missouri you will find which trees are best for shade around the home.
  • Shade Trees for the Home – Useful page which gives homeowners instruction on how to select trees for the home.
  • Tree Benefits – A web page which lists the general benefits of trees are to the world.
  • Trees Save Energy – Informative page for homeowners to learn how trees can help save energy.
  • How Trees Work – General information on how trees work and their place in our environment.
  • Tree Facts – Useful page that provides a look at how trees grow and thrive.
  • Healthy Roots and Trees – In this page from Colorado State University you will find information on how root health is important to tree health.
  • Guide to Healthy Trees (PDF) – This publication gives homeowners information on keeping trees healthy.
  • Tree Tips – Tips and advice on how to care for trees to keep them healthy.
  • Healthy Trees – General advice and information on the importance of keeping trees healthy.
  • Tree Health Care – This useful page from Clemson University provides advice on how to maintain healthy trees.
  • Insect and Disease Problems – Article that outlines some of the common ailments with trees.
  • What's Wrong With My Tree? - Useful article with information on different tree health problems.
  • Guide for Safe and Healthy Trees – Informative page which provides tips and advice on having healthy trees.
  • Tree and Shrub Health – Information on insects, diseases and other health concerns about trees.
  • Pruning – Helpful web page with a good deal of information about pruning trees.
  • Tree Care Tips – This page lists a number of tips that homeowners can use to care for trees.
  • Caring for Trees and Shrubs – Useful article with advice on how to care for home trees and shrubs.
  • Proper Pruning Advice – Informative page with advice on how to correctly prune trees.
  • Tree Resource Guide – Helpful page with information for home gardeners and arborists.
  • Tree Resources – General information about trees with resources and other helpful topics.
  • Forrest and Trees – Informative page from Purdue University with a wide range of information on various topics.
  • Tree Care Resources – This page from the University of Nebraska offers a number of useful links about tree care.
Article written by Lexi Westingate
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