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Window Treatments For Apartment Rentals

Aug 7 2015

When it comes to window treatments for apartment rentals, there are now countless options. Unlike before, window treatments for apartments are now very affordable. Whether you are staging your apartment to gather prospective renters or an apartment renter yourself, here are some ideas on how you can style your apartment windows:

  • For sliding glass doors, use full length drapes.

    Rental Apartment Drapes
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    Long drapes make a room more dramatic and elegant. What’s great about drapes is that you have several vibrant color options. There are solid colored drapes as well as printed drapes that you can use as basis for your apartment design theme. Furthermore, unlike blinds and shades, full length drapes are friendlier on your budget.
  • Be particular on the minor details – the accessories.

    You don’t have to rob a bank just to make your apartment rental windows look good. By simply updating the accessories of your current window treatments, you can already achieve a new look for your windows. For instance, purchase new ties for your old drapes to accentuate its look. You can use a variety of accessories as ties. You may choose ropes, tassels or even metal links.

    Another update you can do is on the window treatments’ hardware. By adding new curtain rings and hooks, you can already change the overall look of your apartment window.

    If you are using drapes and curtains, consider changing its rod. You can choose between wooded and metal rods depending on your taste and the look you want to achieve.
  • Focus on the valances.

    Window treatment companies now allow customers to custom design valances on window treatments for apartment rentals. When it comes to choosing valances, be sure to choose shades that match your furniture so that you can create a coordinated look. While print on print is the trend in fashion today, it does not go the same for window treatments.
  • Consider staging your apartment windows with blinds.

    Blinds offer better privacy and style compared shades. You can choose from several blinds: faux wood blinds, wood blinds, aluminum mini blinds and vertical blinds.

    • Faux wood blinds are an inexpensive alternative to real wood blinds. They are erfect for areas in the home with high moisture.Rental Apartment Blinds
    • Real wood blinds are lighter weight than faux wood and highlight the wood grain in each wood slat.
    • Aluminum mini blinds are an affordable way to add privacy. These window treatments are lightweight and easy to use, mini blinds add traditional look to any window.
    • Vertical blinds are perfect for those large, hard to cover windows and sliding glass doors. Vertical blinds are an inexpensive way to cover any window.

When it comes to designing, manufacturing and installing window treatments for apartment rentals, consider Blinds Chalet.

Blinds Chalet is not limited to providing quality window treatments to houses. They also service other residential properties like apartment rentals.

Blinds Chalet can manufacture custom and high quality window treatments to apartment windows’ needs. Visit Blinds Chalet or contact them at (888) 633-7840 during regular business hours (M-F 6am to 5pm, Sat 6am to 2pm PST) to learn more about their products.
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