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Window Treatments For Condominiums
Aug 7 2015

You have recently moved to your new condo and are too excited to design its interior. Before going all the way to decorating your condo, make sure to check with your condo association's rules to know what are the dos and don’ts.

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Roman Blinds
Aug 6 2011

If you are looking for fabric window shades, roman shades are perfect for the living room, bedroom, or any living space. Blinds Chalet offers a wide selection of colors and fabric styles to choose from. Roman blinds are available in both light filtering fabric as well as blackout fabrics. Upgrade from a flat fold roman shade to a hobbled fold roman window shade. Blinds Chalet occasionally offers free hobbled fold upgrades so watch for this sale for ultimate savings.

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Blinds Chalet Announces Top Five Tips for Romance Over the Holidays
Dec 21 2010

Blinds Chalet announces the top five tips for romance over the holidays. While winter wonderlands and sparkling lights stir romance in many, the realities of guests, kids and shopping often get in the way of holiday romance. Blinds Chalet has compiled their top five picks to help bring the romance back into relationships over the holidays.

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What To Know About Top Selling Blinds
Nov 13 2010

Many people are looking for new blinds for a variety of reasons. Either they want to fix up the look of their home for personal pleasure, are redecorating an office or home, or are trying to sell their property. No matter which reason you have for looking at top selling blinds, it helps to know about little bit about them so you get the blinds that are best suited to your exact needs.

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Why You Should Buy Light Filtering Blinds
Sep 1 2010

Light filtering blinds are some of the most versatile blinds on the market. They have the best attributes of Roman Shades, Cellular Shades and Venetian blinds all rolled into one. They are some of the best looking insulating blinds available. They are energy efficient, have style and light filtering qualities.

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Buying Light Filtering Blinds
Aug 18 2010

Not too many people know what exactly a light filtering blind is or why they are a great addition to any home. Basically, these blinds offer a combination of the most popular blinds on the market. They have the look of Roman blinds, they insulate like a cellular shade does yet they open into slats like a Venetian blind. These blinds pretty much do everything any other blind does and they do it for a reasonable cost.

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Varieties of Roman Shades
Aug 11 2010

There are a plethora of types of and materials that make up roman shades. These window treatments are best known for their opulent feel and touch of elegance and class they bring to a home. They make any room look good and don't make it feel dated. They help reduce energy bills with their energy efficient qualities. They also block out almost all UV rays. Take a look at some of the most enjoyed varieties of these blinds.

1. Light Filtering Roman Shades. These shades are designed to offer privacy while letting light in. Polyester is the primary material used. There are varieties available that are both soil and dust resistant. It's a great way to bring a classic look to a child's bedroom or play area without having to worry about them getting ruined. There are cordless versions available and a variety of colors to choose from.

2. Blackout Roman Shades. Best suited for home theater rooms, these blinds look good while providing a dark, secluded atmosphere. They are great if you have problems sleeping because of the sun coming in through the windows or if you want to watch a movie without glare, or work from home and need a dark space to be creative.

3. Woven Wood Roman Shades. These blinds are pretty cool. They have the feel of the ocean, the beach and palm trees swaying. Synthetic brands avoid warping and maintain their color longer than real woven wood blinds or shades. They look as if branches were woven together and bring a delicate look to a room. These also come in cordless versions.

4. Textured Linen Roman Shades. Linen is a fabric associated with summer. It's breezy and soft. These help open up French doors or large windows. They also work to bring a design element to smaller windows.

5. Satin Roman Shades. Satin just looks good. It works in bedrooms, living rooms and studies. It can help enhance the colors in the furniture or bed linens. It can compliment mahogany and marble. These window treatments come in a variety of colors as rich as their material.

Roman shades are generally manufactured with cords. Therefore, if you have small children or pets you may want to request a cordless version. Most manufacturers offer a cordless variety now and if not, retrofit kits are available to make blinds safe. Discounts can be had on brands when you order from a major on-line retailer. Because they don't pay for rental space and they generally buy in bulk, they get savings they can pass on to you.

As new materials are developed, you can be sure the best of them will be incorporated into Roman Shades. These blinds never go out of style. They look great and increase the resale values of a home. They insulate and block UV rays. There's no reason not to buy some Roman Shades today.

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Blinds Chalet Introduces Light Filtering Insulating Blinds
Aug 9 2010

Blinds Chalet introduces light filtering insulating blinds. These blinds combine the beauty and style of a Roman Shade with the insulating qualities of a Cellular Shade and the light filtering abilities of a Venetian Blind. They really are the all-in-one shades that provide style and more importantly energy efficiency.

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Blinds Chalet Announces Top Three Styles of Roman Shades
Aug 3 2010

Roman Shades come in a variety of styles and fabrics. From textured linen to satin to woven wood, roman shades are some of the most elegant window treatments on the market. Their richness and opulence dress up any room and their timeless look accounts for their popularity. The design of Roman Shades makes them energy efficient and most brands are effective at blocking 99% of UV rays. The following are Blinds Chalet’s picks for most popular styles of Roman Shades.

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Blinds Chalet Announces Top Five Window Treatments for Nurseries
Jul 26 2010

Bringing home a newborn baby is a life-changing moment. Parents want to offer their children the best life possible, and that starts with setting up a room that will offer comfort, calmness and a peaceful atmosphere.

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Roman Blinds And Their Basic Design Advantages
Jun 10 2010

Designers and homeowners agree...roman blinds offer a plethora of design advantages. The sheer number of possibilities makes it the best (most popular) choice for a high number of shoppers. One of the most advantageous aspects of roman blinds is design.

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How to Choose Blackout Blinds
May 14 2010

Blackout blinds are designed to block the light from entering the room. Whether you need a dark room for sleeping or just to watch TV, there are multiple options for blackout window blinds and shades. Here are a few options for the best blackout blinds.

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Blinds Chalet Introduces Two Shades in One with Insulated Roman Shades
May 6 2010

The look of Roman Shades has made them popular among consumers for years now. As homes are being built and remodeled to be more energy efficient, Blinds Chalet has found a way to make Roman Shades both energy-efficient and elegant. Their EnviroFusion Textured Linen Roman Shades offer the insulating benefits of a cellular shade, with materials that fit into luxurious surroundings. The Valencia Day & Night Roman Shades offer light control and privacy.

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Window Blinds & Shades Offer Color to Match Home Decor
Feb 22 2010

The most common selection for window blinds and shades are neutral colors such as white window blinds or tan window blinds. Most wood and faux wood blinds are only offered in white tones or stains. However, there are other options are available if you are looking to add a little color to your decorating.

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Roman Shades: Which Material is Best for the Kitchen?
Jan 29 2010

You want to add roman shades to your kitchen but you are not certain which ones to get. While you have many options, only a few are good for the kitchen.

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Roman Shades: Woven Wood Appeals to Your Style and Budget
Jan 21 2010

Do you love the look of woven wood roman shades? Do you admire the fragile look? Are you concerned that they would not do well in your house? While real woven wood roman shades do have a tendency to warp and fade when exposed to direct sunlight and water, this is not true with their polyester counterpart.

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Roman Shades: What Makes Them Different?
Jan 18 2010

If you have been looking around for window treatments, then undoubtedly you have come across Roman shades. However, you may not know what makes Roman shades different from other blinds. Since this is a popular question, we have decided to give a brief description of what makes Roman shades so unique.

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Roman Shades: 3 Safe Options for Your Home
Jan 13 2010

Do you like the look of Roman shades but are concerned over recent safety recalls? It is possible to install Roman shades anywhere in your house, including the nursery, without fear of injury to your child. You have three safe options for your home and nursery.

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Recall on Roman And Roll Up Shades
Dec 15 2009

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a voluntary recall today that approximately 50 million window coverings need to be repaired to ensure safety for children. Each year about 5 million roman shades and 3 million roll-up shades are sold.

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