Roman Blinds And Their Basic Design Advantages

Jun 10 2010

Designers and homeowners agree...roman blinds offer a plethora of design advantages. The sheer number of possibilities makes it the best (most popular) choice for a high number of shoppers. One of the most advantageous aspects of roman blinds is design.

Versatility means that roman blinds offer a wide number of combinations to provide the possibility to accommodate many design styles. They are actually seen as one of the most versatile products in the window covering industry. They offer a fabulous list of features that provide variations of design.

Some of the features that provide for change to roman blinds are:

1. Shaped fascias: all classic in design, but adding a slightly different touch depending upon consumer choice.  

2. Borders: This is a simple way to add an accent pattern or color.

3. Trimmings offer an easy option for customization; it can add necessary flair to draw attention as needed.

4. Pipings offer the opportunity to accentuate the room through subtle additions of color or to provide a finished look to the roman blinds without adding additional color; it's all a matter of choice.

5. fabric combinations provide the perfect opportunity for consumers looking to add drama to a room with combinations of patterns and/or colors that will either accent or create a desirable color scheme in their space

Shaped fascias are found at the bottom of the blind. They provide variances to the shape of the bottom of the roman blinds (that meets the window sill when extended). Zig zag is popular for children's rooms and bathrooms. Another popular (and classic) choice is the colonial shaped fascia.

Unique combinations used in borders can be the perfect way to incorporate difficult color schemes. And trims/pipings can easily dress up (or dress down) roman blinds with colorful (or not) accents.

There aren't many possibilities in the world of window coverings that offer more possibilities than roman blinds. They provide for all the basic needs that lead people to shop for window coverings. And then provide a wonderful array of additional design advantages that ensure that it will continue to gain popularity amongst shoppers.
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