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Three ways contractors can increase revenue while simplifying their business with automated workflows.

Oct 17 2016

Technology and innovation continues to improve the way contractors do business. Software developers work within specific verticals to supply contractors with solutions that can help in this effort. Other existing software platforms work at developing integrations for specific uses.

For this specific post, we will focus on three ways that contractors can use these technologies to increase revenues and automate some aspects of their business.

1. There are a few software companies that have developed all encompassing cloud-based software that allows contractors to run every aspect of their business. We are talking about inventory, invoicing, fleet tracking, route planning, payroll, digital forms, and more. One such company is DBX Software. They developed ProDBX specifically for contractors. Utilizing this software not only saves time, but money.

Contractors who choose to use software like ProDBX realize within a few months that operations are smoother and nothing is missed. Bidding jobs are fast and easy. This type of software becomes a welcome solution for a lot of problems that contractors have had to deal with in the past.

Cloud-based solutions allow you to run your business from anywhere, even on a smart phone or tablet. This frees up the contractor to focus on what will increase revenues and reduce costs leading to greater profits.

2. This leads us to the importance of online distributors and software integrations. Companies like Blinds Chalet sell direct to the consumer but they also offer a very competitive and simple distribution program for contractors. This program can integrate with ProDBX and other software platforms to allow easy ordering, processing and tracking of orders. Blinds Chalet's system communicates with the software and handles ordering automatically. This process saves incredible amounts of time and insures order accuracy.

Contractors can literally build out an order in the software platform they use, show it to the customer, have the customer approve and pay for the order, along with signing the necessary documents. That order is then pushed to Blinds Chalet automatically where production starts. Once the order is completed and shipped, the software program is notified and you are given the tracking info and can schedule installation.

The example above illustrates the process with a window blinds company but applies to pools, roofing, hvac, landscaping, pest control, and pretty much all other contracting businesses.

3. The last point that will be made in this post focuses on knowing how your business and employees are doing. This is crucial to the peace of mind for any contractor.

At this time, it is a difficult and lengthy process for contractors to see the overall wellbeing of their business. Some choose to track jobs in a single app while using separate accounting software. They work off of PO's that are emailed or faxed. Employees are reached by phone.

This doesn't have to be the case if you utilize current technologies. An all-in-one software solution allows you to get an overall view of your business by looking at a dashboard. Digging deeper is easy with a tap on a screen or a click of the mouse. Tracking employees and routes can be done through GPS and viewable on a single screen.

All contractors, regardless of what field they are in, should look to find a software solution for their business. Specifically, one that allows them to run all aspects of their business with customization available to meet any unique needs they might have.

Blinds Chalet offers the perfect solution for window contractors, general contractors, interior designers, and any other business that orders window treatments on a regular basis.

If you are currently buying products from big box stores, you are missing out on better pricing, better products that look better and last longer, and a simple ordering and shipping solution that saves you a trip to the store. To learn more about the Blinds Chalet Contractor Program, call 888-633-7840. Make sure to leave a comment with any questions you might have or let us know which software solution you are using.
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