Buying Light Filtering Blinds

Aug 18 2010

Not too many people know what exactly a light filtering blind is or why they are a great addition to any home. Basically, these blinds offer a combination of the most popular blinds on the market. They have the look of Roman blinds, they insulate like a cellular shade does yet they open into slats like a Venetian blind. These blinds pretty much do everything any other blind does and they do it for a reasonable cost.

Light filtering insulating blinds help improve indoor air quality and as such are Greenguard certified. The insulating design incorporates honeycomb cells to ‘hold in’ air that might enter through drafts. It also keeps the air inside the house at the temperature you want. This means energy bills go down when heat doesn’t have to be cranked to keep a room at a comfortable temperature. The cells are 1 inch thick and flatten out to create the appearance of a Venetian blind. This is especially useful when the sun is shining and you want to take full advantage of it.

The Roman shade is the dominant look when these blinds are closed. The material used feels great to the touch. They fold down to offer privacy and to kill glare that might cause eyestrain from computers or televisions. They also offer UV protection to keep the interior of your home from fading.

To recap, these window shades give a great level of privacy. They keep homes comfortable with their insulating qualities yet offer style an elegance with the Roman Shade look. When shopping, look for companies that offer a rebate on these blinds.

Another option for light filtering blinds is the horizontal fabric shade. They are distinct with a wider pleat than the light filtering blinds. Color options are a little more varied and a little brighter. They are simple to use and don’t weigh a lot, making raising and lowering them easy for any one of an age. The popular way to use them is to keep them closed and just adjust the blinds as needed to control light.

Beyond the bright flavors of color, there is also the option of getting these blinds in patterned material. This makes them a great addition to almost any room in the house, except children’s room. Because these blinds to have cords, they are not recommended for rooms where small children play or where pets might get tangled in them.

The versatility of these blinds can be appreciated in the home or in the office. They work with most types of décor.

For people who want a little bit of everything, light filtering blinds are the blinds for you. They give you insulating qualities, privacy, color, neutrality, and light control. There’s really nothing these blinds can’t do except maybe clean your house for you. They are highly recommended, so start shopping now.

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