Roman Blinds

Aug 6 2011

If you are looking for fabric window shades, roman shades are perfect for the living room, bedroom, or any living space. Blinds Chalet offers a wide selection of colors and fabric styles to choose from. Roman blinds are available in both light filtering fabric as well as blackout fabrics. Upgrade from a flat fold roman shade to a hobbled fold roman window shade. Blinds Chalet occasionally offers free hobbled fold upgrades so watch for this sale for ultimate savings.

Roman shades are available in various types of fabric ranging from cotton look fabrics to woven wood roman shades as well as silk or suede fabric roman shades. We have worked with various manufacturers to offer a complete selection of fabric roman shades as well as bamboo roman shades.

Common upgrade for roman shades include top down bottom up, hobbled fold, and motorization. Top down bottom up allows the roman blinds to be lowered from the top down as well as raised from the bottom up. Hobbled fold adds additional fabric to the roman shades so they have a tear drop fuller rich look. Buy your roman window blinds today!
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