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Are Blinds More Energy Efficient Than Shutters?
Windows can be a problem maker when your concern is energy efficiency. Studies show that windows are the greatest culprit for making your home much warmer during summer and much colder during winter. As a result, many homeowners, like you, keep air conditioning units or insulators on, as the case maybe, just to keep your home more comfortable during summer or winter. This action then increases your energy bills.

That said, homeowners are now looking for ways to keep their home more energy-efficient. Among the popular tips for energy-efficiency is the use of window treatments like blinds and shutters. Which between blinds and shutters is more energy efficient?

The answer is both are energy efficient window treatments. How blinds offer energy efficiency just slightly differ on how shutters do. Furthermore, your taste and budget factor in when deciding on whether you’ll choose blinds over shutters, and vice versa. Let’s explore these further below.

Are Shutters Energy Efficient?

Window shutters are energy efficient window treatments. There are two main types of window shutters – interior shutters and exterior shutters – and both can help reduce heat gain during summer and heat loss during winter.

Window shutters made from solid materials are most effective energy reducing window treatments. They are usually made of wood panels that come with a vapor barrier and an added decorative covering like drapery which increases its insulating functionality.

Most of the shutters in the market come with radiation barrier that prevents them from absorbing the sun’s heat decreasing heat gain in a room during summer. On the other hand, closing the shutters tight during winter helps it provide air space insulation between the shutter and the window thereby decreasing heat loss.

Are Blinds Energy Efficient?

Just like shutters, blinds are energy efficient too. But they are more effective at decreasing summer heat gain than winter heat loss.

Blinds have numerous slat openings. This makes it easier for you to adjust them in order to control light and ventilation during summer. Additionally, there are reflective blinds available today that can reduce heat gain by almost 50% reducing your need for prolonged air-con use.

What Will I Choose: Blinds or Shutters?

As to taste, shutters look more solid, sturdy and sophisticated than blinds. But as to price, blinds are more affordable. So your choice just depends on these two factors.

What Is The Most Energy Efficient Window Treatment In The Market Now?

If you are trying to decrease your energy cost through window treatments, Blinds Chalet offers you two options:
· SlumberShade 1/2" Blackout Single Cell Shades

SlumberShades are the ultimate blackout shades. They can block the light that can pass between the window shades and the window frame – thereby reducing heating and cooling costs by a significant amount.

· ComforTrack 3/8" Translucent Double Cell Shades

ComforTrack Shades are designed for maximum insulation. They come with multiple insulation barriers and sidetracks that seal its edges minimizing heat loss in a room thus saving energy.

Learn more about these products and other energy efficient blinds and shutters from Blind Chalet. Ask a decorator today to explore what type of window covering can best reduce your energy cost. For faster responses, contact us at (888) 633-7840 during regular business hours (M-F 6am to 5pm, Sat 6am to 2pm PST).
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