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Blinds Chalet Introduces Way to Beat the Summer Heat With Pull Down Window Shades

May 10 2011

Blinds Chalet has announced that studies indicate that many household utility bills are much higher than necessary, because the windows of the home or business are left untreated and uncovered.  By allowing the sun to penetrate the windows in any type of building, the temperature will be much higher, especially during the summer, when temps are at their highest.
In an effort to assist the public with the prevalent sky-high utility bills, Blinds Chalet is making available several types of pull down window shades.  According to Chris Stanley of Blinds Chalet “In the typical home, without window pull down shades, nearly half of the heat gain is because of untreated windows .”  This increase in temperature becomes very taxing on the air-conditioning system.  Chris also stated that a wall area that is not insulated will let approximately twenty times more heat in than a window that has been treated with window pull down shades.

Window pull down shades have been used for many years to increase the comfort in the home by blocking the sun’s rays from entering in.  The additional benefits of blocking these rays include:

•    A more consistent temperature throughout the house
•    Less energy use, translating to smaller energy bills
•    Less fading of your interior design items
•    Less strain on the air conditioning system

In consideration of which window pull down shades would be most effective to lower energy costs and increase comfort, the Shading Coefficient should be examined by the consumer.  This is the measurement of the window treatment’s ability to block the sun and reduce the solar heat gain.  The lower the number of the Shading Coefficient is, the more effective it eliminates the incoming heat.
By reducing the stress on the home air conditioner, the unit will not have to be replaced as frequently during the life of the home, thereby saving the homeowner a great deal of money.

The features of window pull down shades makes a convenient way to allow heat in when needed.  When the temperatures are more mild, and a little sunshine would be welcome in the home or business, these window pull down shades are easy to raise.

Aside from the advantage of reducing the internal temperature with window pull down shades, there is also the benefit of additional privacy.  Even though the windows may be open to allow the pleasant air in, the shades may remain drawn to keep people from seeing into the home or business.

As the leader in the window treatment industry for over twenty-five years, Blinds Chalet can assist their customers with any of their window cover needs.

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golam kabir

May 17 2011

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