Metal window blinds can match industrial chic pieces

Jan 31 2011

Metal window blinds can match industrial chic pieces
Metal window blinds can match industrial chic pieces
At Canada's largest contemporary design fair in Toronto, The Calgary Sun recently asked interior designers about the hottest trends of 2011. Many responded that one of the biggest fads in home design was to decorate with industrial chic pieces.

"This is using industrial parts in a new context, or completely out of context," industry expert Shauna Levy told the news source.

This could mean taking older antiques that exude a mysterious, metallic look and placing them on coffee tables or in cabinets. Industrial lamps can make any room just a little more unique as well.

Those who are looking to recreate this distinctive style in their own home may be interested in metal window blinds. These durable window treatments are affordable and aesthetically pleasing, because they can blend in with other valuables that reflect an industrial theme.

Another trend in 2011 that follows in this same vein is reclaimed furniture, the news source reports.

"[Interior designers from] The Brothers Dressler do a lot of repurposing," Levy explained to the news source. "This year they’re taking old school chairs, deconstructing them and making them into contemporary chairs."

This is not only eco-friendly, it's also very cost-effective.
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