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Blackout cellular shades good option in nursery

Jul 28 2010

Blackout cellular shades good option in nursery
Blackout cellular shades good option in nursery
Bringing home a newborn can be an exciting and momentous occasion in a couple's life. Despite the excitement, a baby that is upset can have parents feeling pushed to the limit. Luckily reports that a new iPhone application is supposed to play video that will have a calming effect on infants.

The application is the product of a parent of triplets who was looking for away to stimulate her children's interest while relaxing them at the same time, and it features four looping video clips with classic lullabies.

While this application may help stressed out parents, decorating a nursery in certain ways can also create a calming environment that will reduce a child's crying. Wall colors, ceiling fans and window treatments are all integral parts of creating a relaxing room.

Hanging blackout cellular shades can be a great option because they can effective block harsh sunlight during the day. Along with blocking light they provide a comfortable, quiet location for babies to get a restful sleep. Blackout cellular shades also offer a cordless choice, making them safe for young children.

"It is imperative that parents order cordless blinds when decorating a baby or child's room," says Chris Stanley of Blinds Chalet.
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