Dec 1 2009

When it comes to blinds, I look for convenience. I want to make sure my blinds do more than just block out the sun.

The most annoying thing about some window blinds is that you have to open them ALL THE WAY in order to see out. I do not want to have to open my blinds all the way in order to look out the window. When I mentioned this to a friend, she told me about top down - bottom up blinds.

What Are Top Down - Bottom Up Blinds?
To my utter delight, I found that you can purchase upgrades to your blinds that allow you to open the blinds from the top as well as the bottom.  This means that I can open up the blinds from the top to peak out when I want to and still leave the bottom shut. It also means that for my floor to ceiling windows, I can open up the top to let in light and still have complete privacy in my home.

Which Blinds Do This?
There are way too many blinds to list here. However, these are the three main categories for which you can find blinds that can upgrade.

Thankfully, my friend turned me on to top down - bottom up blinds (duofold). I am much happier now with my new up down blinds than I ever was with my old ones. It was definitely worth upgrading.
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