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Palladian windows offer unique style choices

Feb 17 2011

Soft sheer shades could be the perfect answer for Palladian windows.
Soft sheer shades could be the perfect answer for Palladian windows.
If you own a home or apartment with Palladian windows, style choices for window treatments are difficult to choose. Since the arch above the window is such a unique design feature, you'll have to decide if the window treatments or the architectural design will be the room's focal point, according to The Washington Examiner.

Palladian windows are named after 16th century Venetian architect, Andre Palladio. The windows are normally divided into three parts - a center arched section accented by two smaller variations of the same design.

Interior designer Paolo McDonald had a novel idea of how to use light and function in her window treatments.

"My solution was a beautiful combination of sheer fabrics that would take the edge off of the sunlight while not totally blocking the windows and the view," she told the news source.

McDonald suggested draperies, roller shades and other fabric designs that accent the light coming into the room rather than completely blocking it out. The windows themselves are the star feature and should be showcased as such.

Soft sheer shades can be the perfect option for Palladian windows. Their soft fabric and filtered light will create a warm ambiance for your décor.  
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