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Go green and maximize space with vertical blinds

Jul 27 2010

Go green and maximize space with vertical blinds
Go green and maximize space with vertical blinds
Smaller homes generally mean lower utility bills and more eco-friendly living arrangements. However, residences that are pressed for space can also run into problems with storage and organization.

USA Today released a small guide that advises homeowners on how to appropriate different features of their house to make everything as efficient and organized as possible.

Pocket or sliding glass doors can actually save 10 feet of space, according to the news source. These can be complemented by small spaces along the walls that can be used for trash or linens, which will reduce unseemly clutter.

The news provider also claims that hallways are unnecessary in modern homes, since narrow passageways can serve to make homes seem claustrophobic. Instead, try to focus on wide, open floor plans and as few interior walls as possible.

One of the most crucial elements of a smaller home is natural light, which can make it seem like the entire outdoors is available. That means investing in large windows, or even window walls, opening up as much scenery open as possible.

Vertical blinds can function to allow sunlight into a room while preserving privacy when it's desired. They are optimal for any glass surfaces or doors and can also create the illusion of private space by acting as a barrier.
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