About Noise Reduction Shades

Oct 21 2010

Noise reduction shades are manufactured to help insulate homes against weather, light and of course, noise. Some people who deal with constant noise are those that live in high traffic areas, people living under flight patterns and those who just have noisy neighbors. Noise reduction shades help you relax and get a good night’s sleep. They bring a little quiet to a home.

Basic noise reduction shades include:

•    Cellular shades. Cell shades have a honeycomb pattern, similar to a beehive that traps cold air, noise and light so it can’t enter a home. While these shades work well in any room in a house, they are especially well suited to home theater rooms and bedrooms. However, if you have large windows in a living room that let in noise, they will work there, too. Cell shades are available as single cell shades, double cell shades and blackout shades.
    •    Single cell shades are available in light filtering options with a variety of colors to choose from.
    •    Double cell shades have a higher level of insulation than single cell shades to provide extra padding against noise
    •    Blackout shades can be up to 99% effective at blocking light

•    Fusion Shades blend roman shades with cell shades. This gives them the grace of a roman shade, but the insulating power of a cell shade. They are more expensive than cell shades, but those who want to include a design element to their window treatments will love these.

Cell shades and fusion shades come in the following brands: Cordless Translucent Single Cell Shades, Cordless Blackout Shades, Express Translucent Single and Double Cell Shades, Ultimate Cordless Cell Shades, Signature Translucent Double Cell Shades, Room Darkening Cell Shades, EnergyTrack Cell Shades and ComforTrack Cell Shades.

No matter which of the above options you choose, you’ll not only get the quiet you want, but you’ll see a reduction in your energy bills. In fact, some cell shades qualify for a federal tax credit for environmental consciousness. Be sure to ask when you purchase. Cellular shades also cut UV rays, protecting furniture and flooring.

These days window treatments are easy and convenient to buy on-line. All you need to do is ensure you have company you can trust. Well established companies are generally able to offer savings over smaller companies. Any good company will let you order samples of a variety of colors and styles so you can see what might work best.

Now is the time to cut the noise. Enjoy quiet, peaceful nights without other people’s conversations cutting in, or noisy traffic forcing you to turn up the volume on your TV just to hear it. You deserve the best, so treat yourself to insulating, cell shades for quiet and comfort.

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