Motorized blinds or shades suit the roof windows of an A-frame home

Dec 7 2010

A roof window or skylight are easily shaded with motorized blinds.
A roof window or skylight are easily shaded with motorized blinds.
The steep slope in the roof of an A-frame house creates an interesting decorating dilemma for the homeowners who live there.

According to, A-frames became popular in the 1950s and continue to be a favorite architectural choice of people who like cottages and Cape Cod style homes. With the steep-pitched roof come deep eaves and gables on the exterior, and open floor plans, ceiling beams and sloping walls on the inside.

Furniture and accessories that are in English country, Arts and Crafts or rustic-style décor fit well with the architecture and mood of an A-frame dwelling.

While sloping walls aren't easy to decorate with hanging art work, the windows can become the focus of a wall with a range of treatments. Combining patterns fits the casual style of the A-frame, the website advises, but look best when matched in the same color family.

Most windows in A-frame construction are set in the front and back walls, but sometimes windows are also placed in the roof. For roof windows and skylights, motorized blinds or shades are a good choice for a window treatment. They can be controlled by a hand-held remote control and run on batteries, or wired for use with wall electrical switches.
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