Benefits of synthetic (PU) contemporary garden furniture

Jun 26 2012

In these tough economic times choosing to purchase a luxury outdoor sofa or garden sofa set may seem like an unnecessary indulgence. There is a common misconception in the UK that luxury outdoor sofa ranges also feature luxury prices tags. Whilst its certainly true that there are some rattan outdoor furniture ranges offered by shops and online retailers that are prohibitively expensive, it is possible to find a cost-effective luxury outdoor sofa or sofa set that will provide you with value for money and a great way to relax and enjoy your garden in the fine summer weather. It’s a fantastic feeling to be relaxing on your patio or deck area looking at your garden on a hot summer’s day. Garden sofa sets are also great for entertaining family and friends.

synthetic garden sofa 1The secret to finding a contemporary garden furniture set, that also has a purse-friendly price tag, lies in choosing one that has been made from the right materials. Although all labelled “rattan outdoor furniture” sets are made from various types of rattan materials. Traditional rattan is instantly recognizable, as the all-natural wooden material, mixed rattan comprises of a combination of natural wood and synthetic substitutes, whereas PU rattan is made entirely from synthetic raw materials. Of the three, PU synthetic rattan outdoor furniture ranges offer the most value for money, and they look just as good as some of the more expensive traditional luxury outdoor sofa ranges.

Unlike traditional rattan furniture ranges, PU synthetic rattan outdoor furniture sets are easy to maintain and it offers year-round use. Because traditional rattan furniture sets are made from natural materials, it will wear out after regular use and it may even be unsuitable for use outdoors in varying weather conditions. This can often mean extra expense, both in maintaining the furniture from general wear and tear and having to purchase replacements in the case of extreme damage. A synthetic PU rattan outdoor furniture set, on the other hand, is designed to last. It can be used all day, every day if needed and once installed in your garden you can leave it they’re safely no matter what the weather conditions.

synthetic garden sofa 2If your synthetic rattan set does become dirty, you can easily run it down with a damp cloth or give it a hose down with your garden hose. You should only need to do this twice a year and it will take around 10 minutes depending on the size of the sofa set you have. Also if you need to clean the cushions, most sets have covers that can be zipped off and then machine-washed. Be careful not to tumble dry the covers though as this can shrink them making them unusable.

Although PU rattan outdoor furniture set is more cost-effective than its natural rattan outdoor furniture set equivalents, this doesn’t mean that it will lack any of those extra luxurious touches. Depending on where you decide to purchase your outdoor sofa set from, it’s possible to find some really stunning designs and styles, many of which are far more appropriate for modern gardens and outdoor spaces than traditional luxury garden furniture sets.

As well as the luxury element, if purchased from a company that uses 100% recycled synthetic rattan, then PU rattan garden furniture is also environmentally friendly. Tests have shown that is can last for over 40 years and look great year after year. The material can then be recycled and used in other products that are made up of synthetic material. It’s important that you ask about this element when you are researching where to buy your luxury garden furniture, as not all retailers will be stocking products that use recycled PU materials.

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