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Mar 2 2012


At Blinds Chalet we are interested with providing very useful information to our customers in order to improve their shopping experience. Blinds Chalet is happy to announce the ability for third party writers to write for us as guest blogger. We are looking for writers that are knowledgable in home or interior design, home furnishings and professional installation.

Our goal with this program is to promote and educate customers about the different products, services and features available to improve their home or office. We have been offering our customers the best window treatment products for over six years. We would love to be a resource for our customers other needs with regards to their living spaces.

Requirements For Your Guest Blog To Be Eligible:

  • Your business or service cannot directly compete with Blinds Chalet.
  • A minimum of 600+ words per guest post.
  • Well Structured writing and easy-understandable language. Please proofread your post properly.
  • Exclusive for this blog only (it means that you can’t post it on any other blog/forum etc.)
  • We don’t accept guest post promoting any affiliate product. You are free to link to any service or product directly and please don’t submit a product review.
  • You can link to the articles, website related to the content. But please don’t do it excessively or link to bad neighborhood websites.
  • Don’t submit any list type of post which are simple to write for you but not good in terms of knowledge shared like “5 Tools to improve blinds installation” or “5 unique carpet types”. You know they are easy to write doesn’t have much value and hence we won’t accept such a post most* of the time.
  • Please keep blog standards in mind. Don’t submit article directory kind of quality posts to this blog as it will be not be published.
  • You can add one unique anchor text link within your article and one branded anchor text link.
  • You must provide at least one royalty free image we can use within the blog post.
  • You will also need to share the blog post we publish on within your social media accounts.
  • The article needs to fall within the Home & Garden Category.
  • If your Article meets the requirement above it will be published on!

Popular Topics To Blog On:

  • Eco-friendly home products or services to improve efficiency.
  • Ways to design a great looking home, interior design. A product or service that solves a problem for a home or business owner.
  • Office or commercial products related to decorating the building.
  • Solutions for RV’s.
  • Home and Garden information

If any topic is not listed above, then do submit your guest post if you feel it will suit this blog.

Are You Ready To Guest Blog For Blinds Chalet?

Simply email your idea or topic to guestblog at We will contact you by email when and if you have been approved

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Rich Fivek

May 16 2012

My problem is that I have too small a space to install the top inside bracket. There is no room for an outside bracket installation due to the closeness of the drapes. What is the best way to provide a shim to get the bracket square to enable it to work well?


Jun 16 2013

You have got amazing info right here.

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