Roman Shades: Which Material is Best for the Kitchen?

Jan 29 2010

You want to add roman shades to your kitchen but you are not certain which ones to get. While you have many options, only a few are good for the kitchen.

Bamboo Shades for the Kitchen
Bamboo roman shades are nice for the kitchen. They look great and give your kitchen a café feel. However, if the bamboo is going to be in a place where it can get wet (like over a sink) then you will want to go for the faux wood shades.

Real wood shades tend to warp and crack when exposed to humidity and water. Therefore, use faux wood near the sink and stove.

Fabric Roman Shades
If you have a kitchen door or kitchen windows, a roman shade adds a touch of elegance to the room. However, you want to make sure your fabric shades are away from food. Food stains are hard to get out. Therefore, hang fabric shades away from the stove and food preparation areas.

Insulated Roman Shades
Insulated shades are perfect for drafty kitchens. You can choose the level of insulation right along with the style. They are perfect for any place in the kitchen and can keep the kitchen toasty warm during winter.

If you get hot summers, you may wish to install a separate liner. This way you can raise and lower the liner as needed while still keeping the beauty of the roman shades.
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