Window Shades Not Just for the Home, They’re for the RV Too

Dec 19 2009

Window shades are more than home décor. They can be used in a variety of places you may not have considered. Considering how inexpensive shades are, you just might find even more uses than you imagined.

Window Shades for the RV or Trailer

Many RVers put up curtains in the RV and Trailer to obtain more privacy. What they do not know or think about is window shades. They can be a wonderful alternative to curtains. They are easier to maintain and provide more privacy then traditional curtains.

Shades Keep the RV Warm in the Winter and Cool During the Summer

Just like window shades for your home, you can buy shades for your RV as well. The difference it makes in your RV is incredible.

Take your heater and air conditioning for example:

•    Heater - Honeycomb shades are great insulators. This means they will keep the chill out and keep the warm air in during those cold winter nights. Your heating unit will not need to work nearly as hard and when you come back from a day of fishing or hiking, your RV won't take as long to heat up.

•    A/C - During the summer months, the shades keep your RV nice and cool. Those shades really helped keep the sun's rays from heating up your RV. The hot sun can raise the temperature of an area by 10 degrees in as little as 20 minutes. This isn't a problem when you have energy efficient shades. Therefore, it won't take as long to cool off your RV either.

More Shades Ideas

Once you start seeing how versatile window shades are, you will want to use them all over the place. The kid's tree house would look great with some real wood or faux wood blinds. So would the playhouse and if you get energy efficient blinds, the playhouse will be more comfortable to play in as well. Window shades also work well for sheds, workrooms, and vans.

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Aug 8 2010

Good inf....but you should make a recommendation and show how they install in an RV since the windows are not your typical window.

So which would you recommend for my RV and how do I install them?

arthur f kull

Oct 19 2010

Looking for blinds for RV Beige or white top down

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