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Blinds Chalet Introduces Noble Translucent Roller Shades

Jun 5 2010

Blinds Chalet introduces Noble Translucent Roller Shades in time for summer. Each fabric Roller Shade offers designer materials that create a decorative look perfect for any home decor. Rich color choices were chosen to accentuate simple clean lines and add warmth to homes. From hues of brown to ivory and white, the Noble Translucent Roller Shades compliment homes, offices, apartments and even child care facilities.

For consumers looking to tread lightly on the earth, these eco-friendly roll up blinds are made from PVC-free polyester fabric with a unique ribbed pattern. PVC is harmful to humans and has long-term environmental effects.

“Because so many different additives are used to make PVC, recycling the plastic (or material) is extremely difficult. When incinerated, PVC forms dioxins, a highly toxic group of chemicals that build up in the food chain (and in humans). When landfilled, PVC poses significant long-term environmental threats as chemical additives can leach into groundwater,” reports

These fabric roller shades are designed with a unique patented secure grip spine, attaching the fabric to the roller preventing it from falling off the tube as well as keeping the fabric aligned. Fabric window shades help filter light and block harmful UV rays.  

Blinds Chalet is constantly researching eco-friendly options in window treatments for our customers,” says Chris Stanley of Blind Chalet. “Our line of window treatments offers more than a few options for the environmentally minded consumer. Our company is committed to protecting the environment and helping educate shoppers on the best ways to do that.”

Blinds Chalet has been a leader in the window treatment industry for over 25 years. They specialize in window shades, window blinds, drapery, drapery hardware, shutters and more.
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