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Solar Screen Shades - Window Treatments that Block the Sun but Not the View

Dec 21 2009

Do you have a window that has a great view but it just lets in way too much light? Have you considered window treatments but not sure which one would be right? Curtains would ruin the view and so could blinds. So what do you do?

Solar Screen Shades to the Rescue
Solar screen shades are the perfect window treatment for anyone wanting to block out the sun but keep the view. They are not privacy shades but they can block out the sun's harsh light.

One thing you need to understand is the percent of openness. The lower the percent the less open they are and the more they block out. So when you see 3% openness, you know only 3% of the shade is the amount that is open.

The 14% shades are then much more open. This means you can see out of them better, but 14% still blocks out the harsh light.

Benefits of Solar Screen Shades
When you choose solar screen shades, you are opting for convenience with a view. They are good for:
  • Limiting Eye-Strain from harsh sun glare.

  • Blocking out harsh light while maintaining the view.

  • Blocking out heat and drafts.

Solar Shades are NOT for Privacy
Since the shades are open, they are not intended for complete privacy. Just as you can see out, others can see in somewhat. This is an important factor to keep in mind while shopping. While these blinds are great for overlooking patios and balconies, you do not want them in your bedroom or bath.
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