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Can Window Blinds be Eco-Friendly?

Dec 22 2009

More and more people are becoming environmentally conscious. What people may not know is that window blinds can be eco-friendly as well. The key is in the manufacturing. What once used to be a standard is now being rethought to make blinds better for the environment.

Energy Efficient Blinds
Not only are energy efficient blinds good for the pocketbook, they do wonders for the environment as well.  They reduce energy consumption by keeping the warm air in during the winter and blocking harsh sunlight in the summer.

Made with Recyclable Materials
Before, no one gave thought to what happened to the blinds after they were used. Now blinds are being made with material that can be recycled. Some blinds are even made from recycled material.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturers
The window blinds need to be produced and that can mean a lot of wasted energy. However, new technologies are being used to manufacture blinds without emitting greenhouse gases, generating waste or toxic materials.

Blinds Certified by Greenguard
The Greenguard certification let you know how the blinds affect the indoor air quality of your home. Greenguard is a nonprofit organization that wants to protect the public's health. Greenguard tests for chemical emissions and if they are approved the blinds carry a GEI certification.

Not all window blinds are eco-friendly but eco-friendly versions do exist. Those interested in helping the planet can purchase eco-friendly window blinds and coverings in a wide variety of styles. Look for the GEI certification or ask your customer service representative for more information.
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