Vertical blinds are a good choice for basement windows or glass sliding doors

Oct 25 2010

Vertical blinds are good choices for large windows in family rooms.
Vertical blinds are good choices for large windows in family rooms.
Making the best use of a finished basement starts with deciding how the room will be used.

As family rooms, they can provide relaxation for adults, a play area for children or a music practice space for a budding musician. But to give equal attention to all members of the household, a large basement space should be divided into zones for certain uses, according to

Interior designer Candace Olson said she redesigned one basement family room by choosing earth colors to create a cozy atmosphere and leveled out uneven floors with vinyl tiles and provide the look of wood.

"Next, I divided the room into three zones: a relaxation zone, a music zone and a wet bar zone," she told the website. "By creating different zones for different needs, adding hardwearing furniture and flooring, and topping it off with vibrant accents and details, this basement got an injection of style the whole family can enjoy."

For a ground-level basement with sliding glass doors leading to the outside, or a basement with large windows, vertical blinds are an attractive window treatment that provides privacy and can be adjusted to allow different amounts of light into the room.
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