Cleaning aluminum blinds

Jun 7 2010

Cleaning aluminum blinds
Cleaning aluminum blinds
Aluminum blinds are a great addition to any room - they add instant privacy and are available in a wide range of finishes, easily blending with any room's decor. But many homeowners may not be aware of the proper way to care for their aluminum blinds.

Homeowners who wish to clean their aluminum blinds need only to gather some simple household items - dishwashing soap, water, a bucket, car-washing brush, garden hose and a piece of carpet, reports experts at HGTV.

After they are removed from the window, the blinds should be placed on a small rug or scrap of carpet. Individuals will then want to wet the brush in a bucket filled with soapy water and gently brush the blinds from side-to-side - as soon as this is complete, flip the blinds over and clean the other side.

When both sides are clean, homeowners should rinse off the soapy water using a hose, tilting the blinds so that the water easily runs off. In order to prevent water spots, individuals should quickly run their fingers across each slat. Blinds can be laid flat to dry.

While cleaning aluminum blinds may not be a regular part of people's house cleaning regime, the extra care may help blinds last longer. According to, "It's known that furniture made of metal lasts longer than others. With just good will [give] your blinds the chance to last many years."
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