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Blinds to Go: 3 Steps to Ordering Custom Blinds

Feb 12 2010

Have you started redecorating your home only to discover your blinds need to go? Have no fear, in just a few simple steps you can purchase some custom blinds to go.

Step 1: Measuring the Window
The most important part of custom blinds is the measuring. It does not matter if you are buying real or faux wood blinds, roman shades, or energy efficient blinds, if you want the window treatment to look right, then you will need to do some proper measuring.

You can check out the Blinds Chalet knowledge base for detailed instructions on how to measure an assortment of window blinds.

Step 2: Choosing the Material
Second only to the proper fit, the material is important. Place real wood blinds in a bathroom and a few years down the road, you will have nothing but warped wood. However, put faux wood in the bathroom and they will stay looking nice for years to come.

  • Real Wood -
    • Lightweight
    • Perfect for low humidity areas
    • Easy to Clean (damp cloth)
  • Faux Wood -
    • Cheaper than Real Wood
    • Stands up to humidity and moisture
    • Easy to Clean
  • Fabric -
    • Blocks out more light
    • Cleaning is more difficult
    • Available in Energy Efficient models

Step 3: Get Samples
Once you know the kind of blinds you want, order some free samples. This is the only way you can truly gauge the color in your own home. Order a few different colors and textures and find out which one works best for your home.

Follow these three guidelines to ordering the perfect blinds to go for your home. The right blinds can last a lifetime.
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