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Insulated Window Treatments: Which One is the Best

Mar 9 2010

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is, "What is the best insulated window treatment?" Simply put, the answer is honeycomb shades on a ComforTract Sidetrack System. The Federal Tax Credit of up to $1,500 proves this but let's look at why it is the best.

Honeycomb Design Means Better Insulation
Cellular shades aka honeycomb shades come in two basic styles. There is the single cell and the double cell. Both have excellent insulation properties, but like most things in life, two is better than one.

The idea comes from nature. The honeycomb design is the strongest barrier around. This is why bees use it to store their pollen. You can also see this with bubbles. Blow some bubbles in some milk or dish soap and you will see they start making the honeycomb shapes as well. (It really is a neat science trick.)

This strong design traps the air inside, thus insulating the house. It will keep cool air in and hot air out during the summer. Conversely, during the winter it will keep warm air in and cold air out.

The ComforTrack Sidetrack System
Even the best shades can only insulate as well as they cover. The ComforTrack sidetrack system conforms to the window. It literally hugs the edges so air cannot seep through, not to mention harsh sunlight.

This track is so efficient that it provides 5 times the insulation of a normal single pane window. That is why the ComforTrack system when combined with the double cell shades qualifies for the Federal Tax Credit. This system is the best insulation you can get for your windows.

Combining Shades
We understand that not everyone wants the same window treatments.
  • Therefore, we offer single and double cell shades for your convenience.
  • Additionally, you can choose the ComforTrack or not. We sell the blinds both ways.
  • If you prefer Roman Shades, you can get them with or without a liner for added insulation.
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