Vertical Blinds vs. Horizontal Blinds

Dec 11 2009

Choosing between vertical blinds and horizontal blinds can often be a challenge. In fact, both blinds work very well in the home. It comes down to what your specific needs are and what you want in your house. Personally, I have both types of blinds in my house and this is what I have found:

Advantages of Vertical Blinds
  • Replacement - The vertical blinds are very easy to replace. When my dogs chewed the bottom of a vertical blind, I just unsnapped it and snapped a new one back in. My horizontal blinds are one-piece fabric. This means the entire thing needs to be replaced if something goes wrong.

  • Coverage - The blinds cover the very large sliding back door. The slats are five or six inches wide and it looks great. I can open and close them very easy. I can also push them aside like a curtain to let the dogs out.

Advantages of Horizontal Blinds

  • Quieter - The horizontal blinds keep more noise out than the vertical blinds. I am not sure why this is but they do. Also, they do not "rattle" with the wind.

  • Privacy - Like, I mentioned above, my horizontal blinds are one-piece. There are no cracks for anyone to see in. I have complete privacy with my horizontal blinds even when the wind blows. With the vertical blinds, if the wind blows, the blinds open just a bit.
When it comes to choosing between horizontal and vertical blinds, I choose based on function. My high traffic areas get the vertical blinds that can easily be replaced. My high privacy areas get horizontal blinds.
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