Blinds Chalet Announces Ability to Eliminate Risk of Peeping Toms in Forty-Eight Hours by Installing Pull Down Window Shades

Apr 28 2011

Blinds Chalet announces their ability to now manufacture their Express 9/16” Translucent Single Cell Shades in only two days.  According to Chris Stanley of Blinds Chalet “In this day and age of rising crime and theft, it pays to eliminate the possibility of unwelcomed eyes peering into your business or domain.”  Chris continues “And we can manufacture many of our blinds in two days, so as to provide a quick remedy for those needing them quickly.”

Blinds Chalet’s defense against the curious peepers is a swift order and installation of these economical pull down window shades.  Once the mind of the customer is made up regarding the size and color of the designed pull down window shades, they can be manufactured and ready to hang in forty-eight hours.

These Express single cell pull down window shades are designed with the economy in mind.  They are manufactured quickly, without sacrificing any of the “Blinds Chalet” quality for which they have become so well known.  While they are affordable, they still provide the high quality "soft touch" fabric the Blinds Chalet customers  have come to expect!

These Express 9/16” single cell pull down window shades are available in two very popular neutral colors, Alabaster and White. While inexpensive, they still provide excellent insulation for windows, and they compliment almost any decor.  Some of the features of these popular “criminal deterrents” are:

•    U.V. treated vinyl head rail and bottom rail
•    Cord control on right only
•    Excellent insulation
•    Tight pull up to provide great views
•    Limited sizes
•    Best priced top quality cell shade available
•    Great for high moisture areas

As the leader in the window treatment industry for over twenty-five years, Blinds Chalet can assist their customers with any of their window cover needs.

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