HoneyComb Cellular Shades

Homeowners are renovating unused space in their homes for media rooms, home offices and work-out areas.
Homeowners' conversion of unused space into new rooms is on the rise
Nov 18 2011

Whether it's to make room for a newborn, a college graduate returning home or an elderly parent moving into their adult children's home, homeowners are increasingly using all available space in their homes.

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Design choices can influence how families interact at home.
'Slow home' design addresses storage and sustainability for homeowners
Nov 16 2011

Making better use of a home's space often increases a dwelling's liveability, according to a design trend that designers call "the slow home."

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With the landlord's approval, apartment dwellers can change lighting and wall colors as long as they return them to their original state when they move.
Apartment dwellers should use imagination to get the home style they want
Nov 15 2011

Approaching a design plan for a new apartment can be a daunting task because most rentals come with standard-issue lighting, window treatments and uninteresting wall colors.

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Cellular shades can be made with room darkening fabric for a home media room.
Cellular shades are among those that offer a choice of blackout fabric
Nov 14 2011

The choice of lighting can determine how well visibility will be in a home theater and the right window treatment can help homeowners create the most conducive atmosphere for their screenings.

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Blackout shades allow for uninterrupted sleep in a darkened room.
Deluxe double cell blackout shades combine energy savings and light control
Nov 4 2011

A cellular shade that combines energy savings with optimum light control to darken a room is available in one of Blinds Chalet's wide variety of cell shade selections.

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Honeycomb cellular shades are wonderful insulation for rooms in all seasons.
Many benefits come with versatile honeycomb cellular shades
Oct 21 2011

Honeycomb cellular shades have many benefits - great window insulation, easy use with a continuous cord and a wide color selection.

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Several elements can create a vintage look in a bathroom.
Cellular shades are a good choice when redecorating a bathroom
Oct 19 2011

With some imagination, home decorators can bring a vintage look to their bathrooms without breaking the household budget.

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ComforTrack double cell shades provide additional insulation against heat loss from windows in winter.
ComforTrack cell shade offers insulation and blackout fabric
Oct 17 2011

Cellular shades are a good choice for energy savings, because they offer good insulation from window drafts and strong sunlight. They come as both single cell shades or double cell shades, with double cells offering more insulation for rooms that need more protection from the elements.

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A-frame house interiors present some decorating challenges.
Sloped roof of an A-frame home presents decorating challenges
Oct 10 2011

Furniture and accessories that are in English country, Arts and Crafts or rustic-style décor fit well with the architecture and mood of an A-frame dwelling.

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There are easy ways for students to introduce style into their rental decor.
Quick fixes, including new window blinds, can help a rental reflect a student's taste
Oct 3 2011

By now, college students have unpacked their boxes - hopefully - and settled into a regular schedule of classes. But if they are renting a furnished or partly furnished apartment, they may be wondering how they will get through the year with décor that doesn't fit their taste.

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The natural beauty of bamboo can be found in window shades, flooring and furniture.
Natural, energy-saving window coverings among Blinds Chalet's best sellers
Sep 27 2011

Among the best-selling window blinds and shades from Blinds Chalet are those that use natural materials and have energy-saving benefits.

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Adding day and night cellular shades to a room can provide both privacy and light control.
Day and night shades offer consumers two shades for price of one
Sep 26 2011

Day and night cellular shades, known for their energy-saving properties, give homeowners the privacy of blackout material paired with the light control of sheer shades.

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Adding energy-saving cellular shades can manage light and temperature in a room.
Honeycomb cellular shades have translucent and room darkening styles
Sep 23 2011

For an energy-saving window treatment, the honeycomb construction of cellular shades offered by Blinds Chalet offers insulation in all seasons.

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The colors brought into a room can set the tone of it, according to Feng Shui.
Controlling light adds to comfort of a room in Feng Shui terms
Sep 21 2011

Light and dark colors can influence the good vibes of a home, as experts in the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui believe.

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Earplugs won't be necessary for a good night's sleep if homeowners choose to install noise reduction window shades.
Textured look featured in crinkle fabric shades for noise reduction
Sep 7 2011

Noise reduction shades are an excellent investment for light sleepers who are easily disturbed and can't get a good night's sleep. Traffic noise, nearby trains passing or neighborhood sounds all are absorbed by custom-made shades from Blinds Chalet.

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A mix of simple lines and traditional style are what consumers are choosing for their interiors.
High quality and long-term value are what consumers are seeking in design
Aug 30 2011

Consumers who have been re-evaluating their needs in terms of downsized lifestyles in recent years have begun to choose products for the long term as part of their decorating plans.

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Adding duo fold shades to a home allows light to stream in without compromising privacy.
'Top down bottom up' window shades allow light and privacy at the same time
Aug 26 2011

For the homeowner who wants light streaming into the house and privacy at the same time, Blinds Chalet has a solution.

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Blinds or shades can be added to windows without sacrificing the view.
Many window coverings from Blinds Chalet allow great outdoor views
Aug 25 2011

One of the considerations that homeowners have when they buy new window treatments is how to preserve their view of outdoors without compromising their privacy.

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Clean, uncluttered lines in decor is an emerging design trend.
Cleaner lines can be found in eco-friendly window coverings
Aug 15 2011

As New York interior designer Stephen Sills sees it, the days of accumulating "stuff" are over, and the overall look of a room is what counts.

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Planning for a new window treatment should include considering energy savings that come with certain types of shades and blinds.
GreenGuard-certified window shades meet high standard for air quality
Aug 12 2011

A typical home can lose a considerable amount of heat through windows in cold months, and allow heat to seep into a home during warm months.

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Custon-made window blinds and shades can be made quickly through Blind Chalet's express production.
Express production meets the decorating needs of Blinds Chalet customers
Aug 8 2011

When consumers need to get their decorating needs met in a hurry, express production of custom-made window blinds and shades from Blinds Chalet is the way to go.

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Make your guest feel welcome in a gorgeous guestroom with cellular shades for privacy.
Go all out in the guest room with the right cellular shades
Jul 29 2011

Those with an extra room in the house are lucky enough that their guests can be comfortable in their own private space without having to sleep on the couch. For homeowners, having a guestroom is also a great way to showcase their style ...

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For a modern home, opt for honeycomb shades.
Honeycomb shades bring modern appeal to any space
Jul 28 2011

In home design, many prefer a minimalist approach that's innovative and modern. According to HGTV, "Modern style is a clean, streamlined furniture and architecture style from the 1930s with roots in the German Bauhaus School of Design ...

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Stripes can be mixed with different patterns in a home design scheme.
Honeycomb shades add to the striped look in a stripes-based design
Jul 28 2011

Using stripes in a room, whether in bold colors or by the use of accordian-style honeycomb shades, doesn't have to limit the use of other patterns or mixing different types of stripes together.

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Function and beauty can go hand in hand in a kitchen.
Energy-efficient cellular blinds fit a kitchen that has function and beauty
Jul 20 2011

The annual House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year has opened on the plaza at Rockefeller Center in New York City, and it brings a little bit of northern California to the East Coast.

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The cottage-style homes featured in the Harry Potter movies can inspire home decorators in their design choices.
Simple roller shades or window blinds can fit a room taken from the Big Screen
Jul 18 2011

Home decorators have often looked at movies that feature beautiful homes and apartments as an inspiration for their own version of what they see on the Big Screen.

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Home decor updates using items you already own
Home decor updates using items you already own
Jul 13 2011

The thought of making home renovations may frighten many away from the idea. However, homeowners would be surprised to discover how simple it is to use items that are already in their possession.

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The colors of nature will continue to be an influence in home and car design.
Move toward natural colors in cars can influence home design choices
Jul 13 2011

If homeowners can take their cues from fashion runways to select colors for home decorating, why not consider the newest car colors as well?

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Working from home means it's time for a home office
Working from home means it's time for a home office
Jul 12 2011

More Americans are beginning to work at home for two main reasons - it's a way to cutback on travel costs and it enables employees to stay involved with family activities without worry.

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Remodeling a basement should include arranging for as much light as possible in the space.
Roller shades are a good window covering for a remodeled basement
Jul 1 2011

Whether it will be used as a family room or another purpose, one of the most important elements to remodeling a basement into livable space is lighting.

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Good design creates better traffic flow through rooms.
Liveability of a home improves by making best use of space
Jun 21 2011

By combining green building principles and making better use of the space in a smaller home, homeowners can improve the liveability of their dwelling.

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Keeping your bedroom cool during the summer.
Keeping your bedroom cool during the summer
Jun 20 2011

By installing some window blinds and shades in your bedroom, you will not only improve the aesthetics of the space, but create a cozy sleeping environment after a long day, according to the Kansas City Star.

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Window blinds and shades will make a big difference in your first off-campus apartment.
Window blinds and shades will make a big difference in your first off-campus apartment
Jun 6 2011

Window blinds and shades will provide privacy, a better night's sleep and help to cut down on utility bills, which will allow you to have more fun next semester.

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Easy ways to make your home more comfortable in summer.
Easy ways to make your home more comfortable in summer
May 31 2011

However, there are many ways that homeowners can keep their home cooler in the summer by changing up their routine to ensure they don't come home to sweltering abode.

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Mudrooms that often double as home laundries can offer places for storage and other functions.
Mudroom design can add storage and serve different functions at entry
May 25 2011

Somewhere to hang wet garments and a place to sit while removing wet shoes or boots pretty much sums up the function of a mudroom.

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Green window coverings for your home remodel.
Green window coverings for your home remodel
May 24 2011

If you're looking to go green or simply looking to create a natural aesthetic, window blinds and shades are the cost-effective way to do your part for the environment.

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Putting a contemporary twist on your home design.
Putting a contemporary twist on your home design
May 20 2011

While clean lines and spatial layouts are the hallmarks of the style, according to LGBTWeekly.com, there are some simple steps you can take to add warmth to your home.

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Blackout shades will ensure you get a good night's rest.
Blackout shades will ensure you get a good night's rest
May 10 2011

However, if there's one place that requires your undivided attention, it's your bedroom. If you've been looking to redesign your bedroom, window blinds and shades are some of the most cost-effective improvements that you can choose.

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Improving the privacy in your new apartment
Improving the privacy in your new apartment
May 3 2011

Since there are people across the street or in the next building that can easily look into your apartment, adding some window blinds and shades will not only increase your decorative potential, but will also keep prying eyes away from your living spaces.

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Choosing energy-efficient blinds and shades will help you cut down on your utility bills year-round.
Going green just in time for spring
Apr 25 2011

One of the most cost-effective means of improving your home will come in the form of window blinds and shades.

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Finishing a basement expands the livable space in a home.
Finished basements offer expanded space and added value for a home
Apr 21 2011

When a family outgrows its home above ground, it's time to look below to design more living space in the basement.

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You can increase your home's energy efficiency for Earth Day by installing cell shades to cut down on air leakage.
Increase your home's energy-efficiency for Earth Day
Apr 20 2011

Improving your home's energy-efficiency may seem like a daunting task, but with today's window treatments, you can cut down on your utility bills and improve the look of your home for very little money.

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Make cleaning your window treatments or replacing old ones a part of your spring cleaning ritual.
Make window treatments a major part of your spring cleaning
Apr 19 2011

Make the effort to clean your window treatments this spring, or install some new fabric shades instead, according to NorthJersey.com.

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Working with dark furnishings means using light-colored accents to break up the color scheme.
Choosing window treatments with dark furnishings
Apr 18 2011

One of the easiest ways to perk up your living area is to add some medium or light-colored window treatments to accent your furniture, according to The Kansas City Star.

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Simplicity is the name of the game when combining window shades and draperies.
Dos and don't when considering window treatments
Apr 11 2011

Interior designer Barbra Yaffe has been designing living spaces for over 15 years, and recently shared some tips with the Montreal Gazette to make your living room beautiful.

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Changing an attic into livable space requires construction improvements to meet building codes.
Attic renovations are increasingly done to extend a home's livable space
Apr 11 2011

A recent survey by the Home Improvement Research Institute found that one out of five homeowners polled said they were planning to renovate their attics into livable space in the near future.

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Motorized blinds or shades can manage light easily from a skylight.
Skylight window treatments can be controlled by remote or electric switch
Apr 6 2011

Consumers have a choice of window coverings that are well-suited to skylights, but for the ease of adjusting the amount of sun that enters a room, a motorized window shade or blind can manage both light and window drafts.

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A home reading nook should have window treatments that protect books from sun damage.
Cellular shades can block sunlight from damaging a book collection
Apr 5 2011

Creating a book lovers' haven in a den or in part of the family room can also provide an opportunity to organize the family's book collection.

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No matter what window treatment you choose, you will instantly improve the aesthetics of your living space.
Be adventurous with your window treatments
Apr 4 2011

Window treatments are one of the most cost-effective options available when redesigning a home.

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Choosing the perfect shades for your greenhouse will help reduce your energy bills.
Increase your energy efficiency with greenhouse shades
Apr 1 2011

The addition of cell shades or shutters will help to cut down on utility costs to make the space more functional.

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