Custom Drapery

Custom draperies add an elegant flair to room design.
Grommet draperies are a good window treatment for contemporary style decor
Nov 21 2011

Among the selections of Blinds Chalet's extensive custom drapery collection, grommet-style draperies are a good complement to a home that has a modern look.

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Creating comfortable conversation areas in a living room warms up the space.
Adding several conversation niches softens the look of a formal space
Nov 15 2011

The living room is a space where visitors are likely to be entertained, and a room that many homeowners view as the showpiece of the home. But there's no reason that it can't be comfortable for everyday use as well as for special gatherings.

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With the landlord's approval, apartment dwellers can change lighting and wall colors as long as they return them to their original state when they move.
Apartment dwellers should use imagination to get the home style they want
Nov 15 2011

Approaching a design plan for a new apartment can be a daunting task because most rentals come with standard-issue lighting, window treatments and uninteresting wall colors.

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Neutral colors can be a good complement to bright hues.
Neutrals can keep popular vibrant colors from overpowering a room
Nov 14 2011

Home decorators should be forewarned when choosing bold colors - a little goes a long way. They should look to neutrals - black, white, deep brown and beige - to keep vibrant hues from overpowering a room.

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Before holiday decorations go up, homeowners should make minor repairs to ready their homes for visitors.
Home fix-ups before guests arrive should preceed holiday decorating
Nov 8 2011

Instead of concentrating on holiday decorations, hosts of the DIY Network's show, "Brothers on Call," suggest that homeowners do a walk-through of their homes before guests arrive to make sure it's holiday ready.

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Custom drapery adds an elegant finish to bedroom decor.
Choosing right fabrics for a room re-do is a designer's trick of the trade
Nov 7 2011

There are a host of designer tricks that homeowners can use to make a simple, elegant change in their home décor, and choosing beautiful fabrics is one of them.

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The beauty of bamboo is found in Tavarua Exotic Bamboo Ring Draperies.
Bamboo ring draperies combine the looks of drapes and woven wood shades
Nov 4 2011

For a window treatment that combines the sophistication of custom drapery with the natural look of woven wood shades, the Tavarua Exotic Bamboo Ring Draperies from Blinds Chalet will achieve both looks.

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Custom drapery can turn a window into a room's focal point.
A bedroom makeover starts with moving out items for a clear view of the room
Nov 2 2011

Starting with a clean slate is a favorite trick of interior designers when they want to makeover a room, and that applies even to smaller weekend projects.

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A home's entrance is where the first impression of the decor is made on visitors.
Custom drapery can help create a good first impression in the foyer
Oct 27 2011

It isn't necessary to create a grand entrance in a home as long as the homeowner keeps in mind that a visitor's first impression is created where they enter - in the foyer.

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Jazz Age style from the 1920s is being revived in home design.
TV's Prohibition gives designers ideas on bringing Jazz Age styles to today's homes
Oct 20 2011

Home décor trends are freqently influenced by beautiful homes depicted on TV and in films, but an unlikely source has emerged that may cause homeowners to bring some sparkle and sophistication to rooms that need to be livened up.

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Vintage wooden boxes are among the many containers that homeowners can use to store things attractively.
Inspiration for container colors and textures can come from room's drapery
Oct 19 2011

There are shops, and whole sections of department stores, that focus on one thing that organizes and stores household possessions – namely, containers.

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Custom drapery is elegant in any style of home decor.
French Pleat Custom Drapery is a classic look from Blinds Chalet
Oct 17 2011

A window treatment that can be designed to fit any home décor and budget is customized drapery.

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Buying vintage furniture in second-hand shops or flea markets takes planning.
Furniture buyers should have a plan before they begin their bargain shopping
Oct 5 2011

California interior designer Alycia Wicker believes in having a plan before embarking on a furniture shopping trip to vintage shops, flea markets and garage sales.

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Decorations above the fireplace mantel should tie into colors and other features of a room.
Decorated mantel should tie into décor found throughout a room
Oct 4 2011

With holiday season approaching, decorating the fireplace mantel comes to mind. But mantel décor can also make a design statement any time of the year.

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Custom drapery should be hung carefully to take full advantage of its sumptuous look.
Correct hanging techniques put the finishing touch on custom drapery
Sep 27 2011

Hanging custom drapery with extra flair is a specialty of home design consultant and writer Cindy Lee Bergersen.

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Custom drapery can make a window treatment a focal point of a room.
Rod pocket custom drapery gives a streamlined look to window treatment
Sep 26 2011

For a look in custom draperies that shows very little hardware, rod pocket drapes are an excellent style for a continuous sweep of fabric in window coverings.

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Consumers are becoming less wary of trying bold colors in their home decor.
Bold colors emerge for homeowners who want to decorate outside the box
Sep 23 2011

Gone are the days when homeowners refused to paint their walls in bold colors. While they may not choose to saturate their rooms in bright hues, there are plenty of accent colors that are being tried along with traditional neutrals.

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Occasional tables are among the most versatile pieces of furniture and serve many functions.
Custom drapery and occasional tables have versatility in common
Sep 21 2011

One of the most versatile pieces of furniture in a living room is an occasional table that can be matched to any décor and serve many functions.

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Wooden furniture is a mainstay of country-style decorating.
Country style today can be cozy or rustic with window coverings to match
Sep 19 2011

Today's country-style decorating retains the warmth of a ciy cottage or the rustic style of a traditional farmhouse, but either way they should have a simple, uncluttered look to suit modern tastes and needs.

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Continuing a neutral wall color onto the ceiling is one way to integrate it into a room's design scheme.
Homeowners shouldn't overlook their ceilings in a design scheme
Sep 13 2011

Home decorators often overlook a "fifth wall" in their rooms - the ceiling - but there's no reason it needs to be left out of the color scheme used for its companion walls.

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After decluttering and determining a design plan, choosing paint colors should come next in a room makeover.
Starting with a simple plan, homeowners can move forward with room re-do's
Sep 7 2011

When Florida interior designer Wrenda Goodwyn speaks to audiences about decorating their homes, she hopes it will help them get started right away.

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Bold colors offset by white can be used all year in home decorating to give a house a year-round summery look.
Bright whites and complementary colors keep the look of summer alive all
Aug 31 2011

The bright whites and bold colors of summertime don't have to disappear when the warm weather ends.

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Designers often use 2D or 3D storyboards to illustrate their design schemes for clients.
Storyboards can illustrate home designs, from window treatments to flooring
Aug 29 2011

Home decorators can take a lesson from students at the Art Institute of Virginia Beach, Virginia, when it comes time to create a new arrangement in a room.

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Before a home renovation takes place, small-scale improvements can make a house stylish.
Temporary makeover can keep family home stylish until renovation occurs
Aug 19 2011

Character is what sold Australian interior designer Joanna Everitt and her architect husband Justin when they sold their home to purchase a mid-century, hillside house with views of Perth's skyline and river.

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The hardware for custom drapery is important for a polished window treatment.
Blind Chalet's Art Guild curtain rods and finials are an elegant hardware set
Aug 16 2011

Just as important to the finished look of custom drapery is the choice of hardware that is chosen to offset the colors and fabrics of the window treatment.

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Planning out a room's space before buying furnishings is the first step needed in good home design.
Whether for window treatments or a whole room, measure first
Aug 11 2011

It doesn't matter what the budget is, or whether the homeowner prefers classic custom drapery over eco-friendly bamboo woven wood shades - a good home design begins with a space plan.

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A fireplace should be offset by dominant furnishings to create balance in a room.
Fireplace needs to be balanced with substantial furniture or window treatment
Jul 7 2011

A fireplace has substantial presence in just about any room - it is both a focal point and architectural feature in one.

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A living room can be both stylish and comfortable for everyday use.
Living room style needs to strike a balance between comfort and style
Jun 30 2011

The living room has a special place in most homes as the place where visitors are most likely to be entertained. But as families in busy households find themselves using all their livable space, the living room needs to be comfortable for everyday use as well.

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Switching the accent and wall colors of a room gives a new look to the space.
Five rules can guide homeowners to room designs with 'staying power'
Jun 29 2011

Philadelphia interior designer Donna Hoffman prides herself on being able to design rooms that have staying power.

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One way to expand the look of a room is to use window coverings in the same color as the walls.
Monochromatic approach with window coverings gives illusion of space
Jun 16 2011

Homeowners are often looking for ways to expand the look of small rooms, and sometimes a decorating trick that dupes the eye can achieve that goal.

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Homeowners should consider that a little goes a long way when using vibrant colors.
Vibrant colors like honeysuckle rose are a natural companion to a valance
Jun 10 2011

Home decorators who are stuck on the color wheel, trying to predict which hues will have the most staying power on their walls and furnishings, may get some help from the Pantone Color Institute.

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The location of a window will influence what type of shades or other covering to use.
Location of a window should be considered when choosing right treatment
Jun 9 2011

Location, location, location may be the mantra of realtors, but it also should influence what type of window treatments that homeowners choose in their room designs.

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Area rugs, chosen according to the right size for a particular space, can give balance to a room.
No hard rules, but guidelines advise how to use area rugs to achieve balance
Jun 6 2011

Interior designer Susan Welch Heeney believes there are no hard and fast rules about choosing the right size area rug for a particular space, although following some guidelines will help homeowners arrive at the right proportion and placement of rugs to bring balance to a room.

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A living room can have elegance as well as personality.
A living room style can be elegant, but remain comfortable
May 19 2011

Homeowners can create an elegant atmosphere for a formal living room without sacrificing the comfort they crave for everyday living.

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Antique lace curtains are among the window coverings that work well for summer decorating.
Customized drapery or blinds can give a room a unique focal point
May 6 2011

One of the easiest ways to personalize the look of any room is to customize a window treatment that creates a one-of-a-kind focal point.

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Round tables take the edge off the rectangular shape of most apartments.
Variety of window treatments with a valance create a focal point in an apartment
Apr 26 2011

Apartment dwellers often feel confined by the neutral colors on walls, floors and tiling in their rented homes, but it doesn't have to be that way, according to

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Different fabrics used in a room's design should be complementary.
Custom drapery blends well in a room with different fabrics
Apr 20 2011

Using three types of fabric in a room's design instead of just one solid and one print can add not only variety in color and pattern, but also in the scale and texture of the décor.

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Old and new furniture can be coordinated in a unified look.
Old and new furniture can be offset by contemporary and traditional window decor
Mar 7 2011

For homeowners who have inherited furniture from relatives that has little in common with their own décor, there's a new trend afoot that can solve that decorating problem.

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Soft hues and airy window treatments are part of the atmospherics design trend.
Atmospherics trend can be used in custom drapery for window treatment
Mar 2 2011

An ideal antidote to a fast-paced world is a new design trend called atmospherics, which relies on soft textures, transparency and iridescence to create a peaceful mood at home.

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The style of legendary designer Dorothy Draper called for bold colors to make a strong statement in a room.
Legendary designer's style was about making an impact in home decor
Feb 23 2011

Legendary interior designer Dorothey Draper was so famous from the 1930s to the 1950s that her name became an adjective to describe a certain style of decorating.

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Window treatments in a similar color to the adjoining walls expands the look of a room.
Designers offer quick fix decorating ideas from windows to artwork
Feb 15 2011

Any room in the house can be given a quick facelift by changing one simple design feature. It may be as easy as outfitting a bed with a new, stylish sheet set or changing the shower curtain in the bathroom.

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Rich fabrics such as velvets and silks are inspired by the Baroque era.
Custom drapery in rich fabrics is in step with traditonal Baroque style
Feb 9 2011

This year's Maison et Objet, a preeminent European trade show for interior design trends, recently showcased the newest fabrics and wallpapers, as well as lighting and furniture by both emerging and established designers, according to The Independent.

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The direction that a window faces will determine how much light comes in, and what type of window treatment will work best.
Window treatment choices can address light, location and design issues
Feb 7 2011

The direction that windows face and the proximity of streets to them are two of the factors homeowners should consider when choosing custom drapery or other window treatments.

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Softer metal tones are becoming popular in home hardware and fixtures.
Softer metal tones in custom drapery hardware are among new décor trends
Jan 31 2011

Following the recession, calculated home décor choices are focusing on long-term value for the price and sustainable design that cuts down on energy use.

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Assertive colors and layering of furnishings are the style of designer Jonathan Adler.
Window treatments can be layered in the style of designer Jonathan Adler
Jan 25 2011

No one could ever accuse designer Jonathan Adler, known for his bold colors and assertive design schemes, of being afraid to try new things.

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Details, custom drapery can make a room luxurious
Details, custom drapery can make a room luxurious
Jan 14 2011

Many homeowners may have a desire to make their house look a five-star hotel, but lack the funds to pursue this passion.

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Sheer fabrics work best on sunny, south-facing windows.
Custom drapery adapts well to both traditional and contemporary designs
Jan 7 2011

One of the most adaptable of window treatments are panels of custom drapery. They can influence how much natural light comes into a room, pull together the overall look of a space and help coordinate contemporary and traditional furnishings.

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Smaller furniture pieces can replace traditional dining room furniture when large gatherings aren't expected.
Custom drapery gives a cozy look to a dining room used for different purposes
Jan 6 2011

With the holidays over, one may not use the dining room for a family gathering for a while. But letting a large table and many chairs sit empty takes up space that can be put to multiple uses until the next big dinner occurs.

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A home theater can provide entertainment for all members of the family.
Home theaters can be complemented by blackout shades
Jan 4 2011

Once the basics for a home theater are in place - the large-screen TV, surround speakers and related home entertainment equipment - there are other design factors that can influence the quality of the theater experience.

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Custom drapery can be elegant touch to a drawing room
Custom drapery can be elegant touch to a drawing room
Dec 15 2010

Interior designer Wendy Nicholls recently shared the details of her drawing room with The Telegraph, which was primarily inspired by a Swedish theme that can be found everywhere in the space, from the furniture to the walls.

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