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Roller Shades

The Empire State Building in New York City is one of the images in the Cityscapes roller shades collection.
Blinds Chalet offers Cityscape shades that bring landmarks to anyone's window
Sep 28 2011

Regardless of where home dwellers live, they can look out their windows and see the Empire State Building or the Eiffel Tower.

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Remodeling a basement should include arranging for as much light as possible in the space.
Roller shades are a good window covering for a remodeled basement
Jul 1 2011

Whether it will be used as a family room or another purpose, one of the most important elements to remodeling a basement into livable space is lighting.

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Light-blocking window shades may be necessary for easily disturbed sleepers to get a good night's rest.
Light-blocking window shades are one way to treat sleeplessness shown in study
Apr 28 2011

People who have trouble getting to sleep, or staying asleep without tossing and turning, may benefit from neuroscience research under way at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).

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Choosing the perfect window treatments in your sunroom means weighing privacy with light-filtering capabilities.
The right window treatments for sunrooms
Apr 21 2011

The best layout is to use window treatments that allow light to filter in and form a tight seal during the winter time, according to the Detroit Free Press.

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Turning antique furniture into contemporary with roller shades
Turning antique furniture into contemporary with roller shades
Oct 18 2010

Many households have heirloom furniture stowed away in the attic collecting dust, but with a few creative touch-ups, these forgotten relics can be turned into worthwhile additions to any room, according to

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