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Window Shades

The right mix of neutrals or brighter colors can offset a white room to its best advantage.
Horizontal fabric shades are a good choice for a white-based room
Nov 18 2011

White may go with anything, but homeowners have to make an effort to balance it with the right choice of colored accessories.

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The beauty of bamboo is found in Tavarua Exotic Bamboo Ring Draperies.
Bamboo ring draperies combine the looks of drapes and woven wood shades
Nov 4 2011

For a window treatment that combines the sophistication of custom drapery with the natural look of woven wood shades, the Tavarua Exotic Bamboo Ring Draperies from Blinds Chalet will achieve both looks.

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The way that furniture is arranged can affect how inviting the room atmosphere is.
Horizontal fabric shades are a good complement to new room arrangement
Nov 3 2011

Creating an atmosphere that is conducive to conversation and interaction can be as easy as trying a new furniture arrangement in a room.

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Light-filtering shades allow ambient light to enter a room.
Blinds Chalet's most affordable roman shade combines style and ease of care
Oct 27 2011

The Asante line of roman shades available from Blinds Chalet combines the advantage of light-filtering fabric with ease of care.

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A-frame house interiors present some decorating challenges.
Sloped roof of an A-frame home presents decorating challenges
Oct 10 2011

Furniture and accessories that are in English country, Arts and Crafts or rustic-style décor fit well with the architecture and mood of an A-frame dwelling.

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The Empire State Building in New York City is one of the images in the Cityscapes roller shades collection.
Blinds Chalet offers Cityscape shades that bring landmarks to anyone's window
Sep 28 2011

Regardless of where home dwellers live, they can look out their windows and see the Empire State Building or the Eiffel Tower.

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The simple lines of Mission wood furniture is often accompanied by auburn glass lamps.
Mission-style furniture has a natural complement in bamboo shades
Sep 16 2011

Mission-style furniture, which has roots in the early 1900s, is as popular today as it was then for its clean geometric lines and rich-looking wood grain oak.

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Family rooms can be zoned for different activities that appeal to the whole family.
Family rooms need window treatments that shed light on activities
Sep 16 2011

Family rooms should be just that - rooms that cater to the interests of all members of the family.

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Customized window shades or blinds are available for small or oddly shaped windows.
Coverings for odd size or shape windows aren't a dilemma for Blinds Chalet
Aug 30 2011

Homeowners sometimes are confronted with selecting a window treatment for unusually small or oddly shaped windows and don't know what kind of blinds or shades are best suited to this decorating dilemma.

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Remodeling a basement should include arranging for as much light as possible in the space.
Roller shades are a good window covering for a remodeled basement
Jul 1 2011

Whether it will be used as a family room or another purpose, one of the most important elements to remodeling a basement into livable space is lighting.

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The soft colors of vintage pieces are often found in shabby chic decor.
Valances paired with soft curtains fit the shabby chic style
Jun 7 2011

Softened is one way to describe the shabby chic style of decorating – in colors, patterns and the overall look of a room outfitted with furnishings reminiscent of an earlier era.

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Area rugs, chosen according to the right size for a particular space, can give balance to a room.
No hard rules, but guidelines advise how to use area rugs to achieve balance
Jun 6 2011

Interior designer Susan Welch Heeney believes there are no hard and fast rules about choosing the right size area rug for a particular space, although following some guidelines will help homeowners arrive at the right proportion and placement of rugs to bring balance to a room.

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Light-blocking window shades may be necessary for easily disturbed sleepers to get a good night's rest.
Light-blocking window shades are one way to treat sleeplessness shown in study
Apr 28 2011

People who have trouble getting to sleep, or staying asleep without tossing and turning, may benefit from neuroscience research under way at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).

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Motorized blinds or shades can manage light easily from a skylight.
Skylight window treatments can be controlled by remote or electric switch
Apr 6 2011

Consumers have a choice of window coverings that are well-suited to skylights, but for the ease of adjusting the amount of sun that enters a room, a motorized window shade or blind can manage both light and window drafts.

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Today's kitchens are often multi-function rooms.
Window treatments can offset cabinetry in kitchen decor
Apr 5 2011

Setting up different "zones" within a kitchen can provide defined spaces for cooking activities, conversation spots or a place for bill-paying and homework.

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Motorized blinds or shades are an ideal accompaniment to a skylight.
Privacy and light can be managed by motorized window coverings for skylights
Mar 11 2011

The wide range of skylights that can be installed in a home these days is as varied as the architectural styles available to homeowners.

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Motorized window blinds or shades are good choices for a skylight window treatment.
Motorized window blinds are a good choice for skylight window treatment
Feb 9 2011

When Chicago area resident Kathleen Luttschyn and her husband needed to move their home office to make way for a nursery, it forced them to make better use of a loft space at the top of their stairs.

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Adding motorized blinds or shades to a skylight helps control light and energy.
Motorized shades control light and heat on skylight windows
Nov 10 2010

Adding a cover to a skylight can create visual interest with a ceiling-level window treatment, but it's also a practical solution to controlling light and cold weather drafts.

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Roman shades can be great addition to large windows
Roman shades can be great addition to large windows
Aug 3 2010

Bay windows offer homeowners a long list of desirable qualities. Their size provides beautiful view of the outside that cannot be matched by conventional windows, and they can bathe any room a beautiful wave of natural light.

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Blackout cellular shades good option in nursery
Blackout cellular shades good option in nursery
Jul 28 2010

Bringing home a newborn can be an exciting and momentous occasion in a couple's life. Despite the excitement, a baby that is upset can have parents feeling pushed to the limit. Luckily reports that a new iPhone application is supposed to play video that will have a calming effect on infants.

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Alleviate bay window worries with Roman shades
Alleviate bay window worries with Roman shades
Jul 21 2010

Although James Wood's home is over 150 years old, the Muncy, Indiana abode is still as beautiful as it ever was. According to the Muncy Luminary, Wood and his family are in the process of renovating the home into a magnificent bed and breakfast.

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Fixing window frames and installing shades may help reduce summer energy bills
Fixing window frames and installing shades may help reduce summer energy bills
May 28 2010

Homeowners are always looking for way to save energy, and this summer they may want to start by fixing their windows. Experts suggest that fixing old frames and installing shades may help keep cool air inside and warm air out.

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