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Window Blinds

Open shelving works well for bathroom storage.
Window treatments and shelving in bathrooms can mirror styles in other rooms
Nov 18 2011

If there's no linen closet or medicine cabinet to store items in a bathroom, homeowners can do what they do in other rooms - install open shelving.

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Vertical blinds are a good window covering for glass doors and large windows.
'S' curve line is among most unique vertical blinds from Blinds Chalet
Nov 10 2011

Some of the most unique vertical blinds offered by Blinds Chalet to homeowners are "S" curve style blinds that provide more privacy than most styles of this versatile window covering.

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Mini blinds are a popular and affordable window covering.
Metallic mini blinds from Blinds Chalet come in a range of unique colors
Nov 10 2011

Among the most affordable of Blinds Chalet's extensive selection of window shades and blinds are aluminum mini blinds.

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Distressed wood blinds are a good match for a rustic style home decor.
Blinds Chalet's Distressed wood blinds work well with any rustic decor
Oct 28 2011

Distressed finishes are an important feature of rustic, country and cottage-style decorating schemes in which a mix of vintage and modern furnishings are coordinated.

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Contemporary, large windows and glass doors are ideal candidates for vertical blinds.
Smooth PVC vertical blinds offer a contemporary style at affordable prices
Oct 13 2011

Whether outfitting an office, apartment or home, smooth PVC vertical blinds from Blinds Chalet offer a contemporary look at affordable prices.

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A home office must have a clear floor plan to be effective.
Home office needs clutter-free, functional floor plan to enhance productivity
Apr 7 2011

Portland, Oregon interior designer Angela Todd believes that the design of a home office can have an effect on the productivity, creativity and energy level of those who use it.

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Motorized blinds or shades can manage light easily from a skylight.
Skylight window treatments can be controlled by remote or electric switch
Apr 6 2011

Consumers have a choice of window coverings that are well-suited to skylights, but for the ease of adjusting the amount of sun that enters a room, a motorized window shade or blind can manage both light and window drafts.

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Motorized blinds or shades are an ideal accompaniment to a skylight.
Privacy and light can be managed by motorized window coverings for skylights
Mar 11 2011

The wide range of skylights that can be installed in a home these days is as varied as the architectural styles available to homeowners.

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Motorized window blinds or shades are good choices for a skylight window treatment.
Motorized window blinds are a good choice for skylight window treatment
Feb 9 2011

When Chicago area resident Kathleen Luttschyn and her husband needed to move their home office to make way for a nursery, it forced them to make better use of a loft space at the top of their stairs.

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A roof window or skylight are easily shaded with motorized blinds.
Motorized blinds or shades suit the roof windows of an A-frame home
Dec 7 2010

The steep slope in the roof of an A-frame house creates an interesting decorating dilemma for the homeowners who live there.

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Vertical blinds are easily adjusted to control daylight in an office.
Vertical blinds effectively control light source in an open design office
Nov 11 2010

Companies are increasingly moving toward open design in their workplace layouts by removing barriers between workspaces and limiting the number of private offices for managers.

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Vertical blinds are good choices for large windows in family rooms.
Vertical blinds are a good choice for basement windows or glass sliding doors
Oct 25 2010

Making the best use of a finished basement starts with deciding how the room will be used.

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Decorating a motorhome should include window treatments that offer privacy, including mini blinds.
Mini blinds lend privacy to decorating scheme in a motorhome
Oct 14 2010

Decorating a motorhome needs to be functional in every step of the design process to get the most out of a limited living space.

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Mini blinds can reduce the glare on computer screens.
Mini blinds can limit computer glare that leads to eye problems
Oct 6 2010

Computer vision syndrome (CVS), or eye problems related to extensive computer use, can affect both children and adults if they don't take steps to rest their eyes during long stretches at the computer, according to Microsoft Home Magazine.

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Cleaning aluminum blinds
Cleaning aluminum blinds
Jun 7 2010

Aluminum blinds are a great addition to any room - they add instant privacy and are available in a wide range of finishes, easily blending with any room's decor. But many homeowners may not be aware of the proper way to care for their aluminum blinds.

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Woven shades are a great addition to covered porches
Woven shades are a great addition to covered porches
May 26 2010

Homeowners lucky enough to have covered porches will soon be enjoying these sunny rooms as the temperatures continue to climb. But decorating a space that combines both indoor and outdoor aesthetics can be tricky. Painted floors and woven shades, however, can turn a standard covered porch into an elegant area.

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