Solar Screen Shades

Cushions in neutral, but interesting patterns can revive the look of upholstered furniture.
Tried-and-true tips create new looks without a complete room overhaul
Nov 22 2011

Rather than coming up with a whole new design scheme, home decorators can save time and effort by "deconstructing" their existing color palette.

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The weave of a solar screen shade detemines how much light is allowed inside.
Designer solar screen shades work well in both business and residential settings
Nov 21 2011

Designer solar screen shades by Blinds Chalet give consumers a choice in weave, pattern and color to find the best match for their home décor.

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The construction as well as the style is important when selecting a sofa.
Good construction is as important as beautiful design in key furnishings
Nov 14 2011

Homeowners need to consider the nuts and bolts of choosing a sofa as well as its decorative style if they expect it to stand up to the use it will likely get in the home of an active family.

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Vintage china can be included in decorative vignettes similar to those created by designer Alli Michelle.
Simplicity in design creates a cozy atmosphere for designer's Michigan home
Nov 8 2011

The guest room design says it all – the nightstand is a small stool topped by a few books and a clear glass jar filled with sprigs of greenery. A simple wood-framed mirror hangs above it.

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Industrial decor is becoming more broadly used by homeowners.
Bamboo sunscreen roller shades fit the growing 'lndustrial' style
Nov 7 2011

Increasingly, suburbanites are taking on some of the industrial design styles that have been popularized by urban loft dwellers.

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The right window covering can protect collectibles from sun damage.
Window coverings can help protect collectibles and furnishings from sun damage
Oct 31 2011

Home decorators who are concerned about sun damage to their collectibles should choose window treatments that bring light into a room, but filter out the strongest sun rays to prevent fading of their special items.

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Rearranging furniture is easier to do when it's planned out on paper first.
Starting with paper cutouts, furniture arrangement is made easier
Oct 28 2011

Instead of pushing heavy furniture around a room, an easy way to arrange a room is to put it down on paper first.

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Energy-saving measures include the right choice of window treatments.
Solar screen shades fit consumers' desire for durable, energy-saving products
Oct 25 2011

The move to sustainable products and green construction is reflected in consumers' attitude about many household items they use on a daily basis.

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Adding glass surfaces, such as glass-paned cabinet doors, opens up a kitchen.
Use of glass can magnify tight quarters in a small kitchen
Oct 14 2011

Mirrors and glass are not often associated with cooking and dining areas, but they can be one of the best ways to magnify the space of a small kitchen.

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Solar screen shades reduce sun glare on computer and TV screens.
Solar screen shades cut sun glare, block UV rays and save energy
Oct 11 2011

With the growing number of electronic devices in the average household, eye strain has become an issue that the right window treatment can modify.

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A mix of patterns and prints should complement, not conflict with each other in home design.
Mixing fabric patterns well can create a balanced design scheme
Sep 23 2011

Choosing fabrics that complement each other, whether in large-scale patterns or small prints, can help home decorators arrive at a balanced mix of materials in a design scheme.

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Collections, from action figures to floral china pieces, give personality to a room.
Designer: Collections should be shown to full advantage
Sep 21 2011

Included on every designer's list of decorating suggestions is some advice on how to personalize one's space. "Make it your own," they say.

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The right choice of window covering can eliminate glare from a computer screen.
Blinds Chalet has window treatments that can cut computer glare
Sep 16 2011

Whether it's a laptop computer nestled in someone's lap, a desktop PC in a home office or a teen playing video games - no one wants glare to be part of the screen image they are viewing.

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Wicker weaving is one of the old-time skills being revived by designers.
Both homeowners and furniture designers are making resourceful choices
Sep 13 2011

In a troubled economy, homeowners have learned how to make decorating choices that make the best use of their resources. At the same time, designers and furniture manufacturers are responding to those needs.

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When outfitting a window for new shades or blinds, upgrading them with such features as cornices and routeless ladders gives them added visual appeal.
Upgrades offered by Blinds Chalet add to aesthetic appeal of blinds and shades
Aug 15 2011

Blinds Chalet offers many upgrades that add high-quality style to their windows and help turn them into a design focal poin.

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Planning for a new window treatment should include considering energy savings that come with certain types of shades and blinds.
GreenGuard-certified window shades meet high standard for air quality
Aug 12 2011

A typical home can lose a considerable amount of heat through windows in cold months, and allow heat to seep into a home during warm months.

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The placement of a sofa, in relation to doors and windows, can influence the traffic flow in a room.
Location of doors and windows helps determine furniture placement
Jun 30 2011

The location of doorways and windows in a room can serve as a guide for home decorators as they determine where to place their furniture.

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Area rugs, chosen according to the right size for a particular space, can give balance to a room.
No hard rules, but guidelines advise how to use area rugs to achieve balance
Jun 6 2011

Interior designer Susan Welch Heeney believes there are no hard and fast rules about choosing the right size area rug for a particular space, although following some guidelines will help homeowners arrive at the right proportion and placement of rugs to bring balance to a room.

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An apartment dweller's taste can be reflected by their art work, room colors and furniture.
Stylish window coverings help personalize the look of an apartment
Jun 3 2011

To turn an apartment into a home means showing one's personal interests and tastes in the selection of art work, colors and furniture.

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Creating a new furniture arrangement may yield more space in tight quarters.
Furniture arrangement should consider light needed for new design
May 17 2011

A new furniture arrangement can give homeowners - or apartment dwellers living in tight quarters - the additional space that they crave.

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Window treatments can help control light needed for various plants
Shade-loving plants can be a decorating dilemma during warmer months
May 11 2011

Keeping shade-loving plants happy as summer approaches is a challenge for homeowners who don't want to shift their plant locations away from direct sunlight as the seasons change.

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Being adventurous with beige.
Being adventurous with beige
May 9 2011

The color has the uncanny ability to combine with just about any bold fabric choice, and is tailor-made for a home that embraces hardwood floors and natural accents, according to the Tulsa World.

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Home decorators can learn how to hang a wall gallery by seeing how it is done in art galleries.
Home wall galleries becoming a popular decorating trend
Apr 29 2011

Home decorators can be as creative as they choose when designing a wall gallery that reflects their personal interests and captures special memories.

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Extending a kitchen counter is one way to set up a space for bill-paying or children's homework.
Kitchen 'command center' helps keep non-kitchen duties in order
Apr 15 2011

St. Petersburg kitchen and bath designer Paul Anater warns his clients not to build a kitchen desk, because too often they become an unused repository for junk. But he acknowledges the need for a place to get non-kitchen duties done in the room most people consider the heart of the household.

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Choosing the perfect color for your window treatments will help tie together your entire interior design.
Choosing the perfect color for your window treatments
Apr 11 2011

Interior designer Elizabeth Hassé recently gave journalists from the Montreal Gazette a tour of a private showroom open to design professionals only to show some of her tricks of the trade.

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One way to reduce eye strain from computer work is to eliminate glare on the screen.
Window treatments can minimize eye problems related to computer glare
Apr 11 2011

Dry or sore eyes, headaches, blurred vision - all are symptoms that can affect both children and adults who spend long periods on a computer.

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Go for a large amount of natural light when choosing window treatments in your kitchen.
Choosing the perfect window treatments in the kitchen
Apr 5 2011

If you've caught the spring fever for home remodeling, one of the first places you should put your time and energy into improving is your kitchen.

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Choosing the perfect window treatment will help reinvigorate your home for the spring.
Reinvigorating your home interior for the spring
Mar 24 2011

Natural light can breathe new life into living areas, and you can increase your home's energy-efficiency in the process.

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Solar roller shades will cut down on glare at a student workstation near direct sunlight.
Solar roller shades are a good choice for reducing computer screen glare
Mar 23 2011

With about 5 million college students taking at least one online course among their studies, developing a work space at home that has limited distractions and good lighting has become an important feature in home design.

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Cords from window blinds and shades can be a serious hazard for toddlers and small children.
The importance of child-safe window blinds and shades can't be understated
Mar 21 2011

While window treatments such as these may seem fairly innocuous to some, they can be a major concern for families with small children.

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Modular construction projects have doubled in the last decade.
Solar shades and modular homes are a good fit for saving energy
Mar 16 2011

The small, efficient style of modular housing isn't the only attraction for homeowners joining the growing numbers of modular homeowners.

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Picking the perfect window treatment will help you control the glare and light usage in your living spaces.
Drapes and curtains can work in tandem with your new shades
Mar 15 2011

When considering window treatments for your living space, it's important to weigh the proportions of your drapes and curtains with the room darkening abilities of your new window blinds or shades.

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Fabric shades, cordless blinds and motorized shades are perfect options for seniors trying to make everyday activities easier.
Window treatments can be tailored to seniors
Mar 3 2011

As people get older, arthritis, joint pain and other age-related issues can be taxing when it comes to operating window treatments.

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Modern graphics technology now allows interior designers to visualize a space by using photos and your room's dimensions.
Virtual makeovers becoming popular with designers
Mar 2 2011

With modern graphics technology, the workers at Design Serendipity Interiors have started a service called "Design Delivery."

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Bringing in small touches of home can make a college dorm room attractive and comfortable.
Solar screen shades cut computer glare in student dorm rooms
Mar 2 2011

When college students are away at school for several months, they may want a touch of home to make their rooms feel more comfortable.

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Solar screen shades are perfect for homeowners trying to control glare and temperature in their homes.
Spring offers great chance to improve your window treatments
Feb 28 2011

Adrienne Micci-Smith of Curtain Call in Shelton, Connecticut, recently interviewed with WTNH to share her design philosophy and the new technologies in window treatments.

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Setting aside space for a workout area doesn't have to be a dilemma for homeowners.
Solar shades offer temperature control for a home exercise area
Feb 25 2011

Coming up with a workout area in one's home depends largely on the type of exercise routines that are done and how much space they require.

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A gray color scheme can work to bring out the personality of your artwork and color choices.
A gray color scheme highlights your design choices
Feb 22 2011

The couple used varying shades of gray to accentuate the look of their artwork and style choices and the result is simply stunning, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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Large TVs present unique challenges for interior decorators.
Large TVs present problems for interior decorators
Feb 21 2011

It wasn't long ago that the big-screen TV was a bulky monstrosity that took up nearly half of a person's living space.

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An area rug can serve as an anchor for the sofa in a living room.
Choice of area rugs can influence the tone of living room seating
Feb 17 2011

The size of area rugs and other floor coverings can change the atmosphere of a living room seating arrangement if they don't fit the space they are in.

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Solar screen shades could be a welcome addition to your home decor that eliminate glare and still allow a view to the outside.
Cincinnati designer uses her home as inspiration
Feb 15 2011

Interior designer Liz McGavran's 30-year-old Hyde Park condo is not only a wonderful place to live, but a way to show potential clients her skills in weaving artwork, furnishings and color into a cozy living space, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer.

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Light therapy, solar shades may help lift spirits
Light therapy, solar shades may help lift spirits
Jan 19 2011

Sunlight is in short supply during the winter, which makes any kind of light even more important.

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Make a home office productive and comfortable with solar screen shades
Make a home office productive and comfortable with solar screen shades
Jan 10 2011

When it comes time to create a home office, building and designing the room sometimes seems to be the hardest part.

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Soft and luxurious solar screen shades ideal for cozy dining room
Soft and luxurious solar screen shades ideal for cozy dining room
Jan 6 2011

With the arrival of the New Year comes new styles, and interior designer Betsy Burnham recently told The Associated Press that cozy dining rooms have slowly started to replace more formal ones.

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A reading nook with good light and a comfortable chair can be a spot for relaxation in the home.
Reading nooks need plenty of light provided with solar screen shades
Dec 8 2010

As winter sets in, thoughts of setting up a cozy corner for reading and relaxation arise. There are only four ingredients for an ideal reading nook - comfortable seating with back support, good lighting, a nearby bookcase and a place to set down a snack or cup of tea.

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Lighting, solar screen shades can make a room appear more spacious
Lighting, solar screen shades can make a room appear more spacious
Nov 19 2010

In light of the economic downturn, it's started to become stylish to be frugal. That means that homeowners across the country are downsizing their residences and making the most of what they have.

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Decorate with landscapes and organic foods for Thanksgiving with solar screen shades
Decorate with landscapes and organic foods for Thanksgiving with solar screen shades
Nov 15 2010

Many homeowners will be hosting Thanksgiving day celebrations in their home and may be wondering how to effectively decorate for the holiday. has recommended that those who are looking for an affordable way to honor the occasion should try to follow an organic theme.

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Bring in daylight with solar screen shades
Bring in daylight with solar screen shades
Nov 12 2010

The fall and winter are much darker than the summer months, and homeowners who are looking to prepare for the early sunsets may want to find effect ways to brighten their homes.

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Organizing a family's book collection can be done according to subject, genre or even color.
Solar screen shades limit sunlight damage on books in a family library
Nov 12 2010

Building a home library not only helps organize a book collection, but can provide a comfortable reading nook as well as attractive surroundings for a family room or den.

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Solar screen shades can improve home's value
Solar screen shades can improve home's value
Nov 9 2010

Many homeowners are constantly on the lookout for effective ways to increase the worth of their home. Whether they are planning to sell the residence soon or invest in it for the future, there are some definite areas that should be the focus of any renovations.

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