Soft Sheer Shades

Muted colors and natural materials are features of cottage and farmhouse decorating styles.
A mix of rustic and elegant textures are prevalent in farmhouse and cottage looks
Nov 22 2011

Large, sprawling farmhouse or cozy, quaint cottage - the decorating style of both rests on light dusty colors, natural wood tones and soft textures that coordinate well with vintage accessories.

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Soft sheer shades are made affordable with a rebate savings.
For elegant soft sheer shades, Blinds Chalet is offering a special discount
Nov 17 2011

Home decorators who enjoy the elegant look of soft sheer shades can get a special discount on the window treatment from Blinds Chalet.

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A monochromatic color scheme expands the look of a room.
Matching window covering hues to wall color opens up a room
Nov 16 2011

Taking a monochromatic approach to color selection in a home's décor can give the illusion of more space in small rooms.

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Different seating arrangements make the best use of a home's great room.
Soft sheer shades are a good choice to outfit a great room's windows
Nov 11 2011

The space afforded by a home's great room can provide a variety of seating arrangements to accommodate family gatherings, large and small.

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Vintage china can be included in decorative vignettes similar to those created by designer Alli Michelle.
Simplicity in design creates a cozy atmosphere for designer's Michigan home
Nov 8 2011

The guest room design says it all – the nightstand is a small stool topped by a few books and a clear glass jar filled with sprigs of greenery. A simple wood-framed mirror hangs above it.

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Soft fabrics add to the new design trend called atmospherics.
Soft sheer shades are elegant, but durable addition to the 'atmospherics' look
Nov 7 2011

Design trends develop in response to daily living needs, and one such trend is geared to creating a peaceful mood when homeowners come home at the end of the day.

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Clocks can be decorative as well as functional.
Functional items don't have to skimp on style in home design
Nov 2 2011

Some items are so much a part of our everyday surroundings that we don't see the possibilities of adding some style to a room by focusing on them. That includes clocks, which can continue to serve their important function while adding to the decorating scheme of a room.

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A tailored look in the bedroom appeals to both men and women.
Soft sheer shades bring together feminine and masculine looks in a room
Oct 25 2011

Trying to find a compromise between feminine and masculine decorating styles in the bedroom is a challenge, but not an insurmountable one.

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A new palette of colors are expected to be popular in home design in 2012.
Next year's top colors draw from the rich hues of nature
Oct 24 2011

The top colors for 2012 have been announced by the Philadelphia-based Paint Quality Institute, and they draw heavily on nature's hues.

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A well-chosen bed ensemble dresses up a bedroom.
A well-coordinated bedroom includes stylish window treatments
Oct 18 2011

A bedroom that ties together a beautiful bed ensemble, a stylish window treatment and plenty of hidden storage turns it into an ideal place to relax and sleep.

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A mail-in rebate is available for Blinds Chalet's soft sheer shades.
Larger, 3-inch horizontal sheer shades are available from Blinds Chalet
Oct 11 2011

Home decorators who are looking for soft sheer shades with a larger vane than the standard 2-inch shades can buy them with a special discount from Blinds Chalet.

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Adding day and night cellular shades to a room can provide both privacy and light control.
Day and night shades offer consumers two shades for price of one
Sep 26 2011

Day and night cellular shades, known for their energy-saving properties, give homeowners the privacy of blackout material paired with the light control of sheer shades.

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Gray has become a neutral with many variations for home decor.
With the new grays, soft sheer shades are a good complement for windows
Sep 21 2011

Designers have recently been hailing gray as the new neutral of choice, and the selections available are hardly what could be called drab.

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Planning kitchen design around the activities of the room helps fill a household's needs best.
Soft sheer shades are a versatile choice for multi-function kitchens
Sep 19 2011

As daily activities evolve for growing families, the kitchen can become a place that embraces different functions by adding new elements to the room's design.

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Adding soft sheer shades to windows allows a soft, airy light to fill a room.
Soft sheer shades are durable without giving up style
Sep 19 2011

Whether a home decorator is looking for a window covering for privacy or one that allows a clear view of the outdoors, Blinds Chalet's line of soft sheer shades has a selection to fit any need.

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Making the transition from child to teen room can show as much style for boys as for girls.
Teen's room should have paint color and furnishings that have staying power
Sep 8 2011

Decorating for the long term in a teenager's room may seem like a contradiction since the years fly by quickly. But choosing classic patterns and versatile colors during the adolescent stage will likely have staying power as the teen years progress.

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Vintage furniture is an important element of cottage interior design.
Soft sheer shades offer an attractive backdrop to cottage style furnishings
Sep 6 2011

Comfortable fabrics, light colors and furniture that has a vintage appeal are the types of things that turn any style home into one with a cottage atmosphere.

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Bold colors offset by white can be used all year in home decorating to give a house a year-round summery look.
Bright whites and complementary colors keep the look of summer alive all
Aug 31 2011

The bright whites and bold colors of summertime don't have to disappear when the warm weather ends.

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Sprucing up a foyer creates a good first impression for a home.
Re-doing a home's entry should be from floor to ceiling
Aug 19 2011

A home's entry is the "first impression" for those who walk through the front door, so homeowners should take steps to make sure that initial appearance is a positive one.

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Planning for a new window treatment should include considering energy savings that come with certain types of shades and blinds.
GreenGuard-certified window shades meet high standard for air quality
Aug 12 2011

A typical home can lose a considerable amount of heat through windows in cold months, and allow heat to seep into a home during warm months.

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Mixing different textures in home design is an important part of the rustic modern look.
Integration of textures in window coverings embodies the rustic modern look
Aug 10 2011

Rustic modern may seem like a contradiction in terms, but when it comes to home design, it embodies ways to integrate old and new furnishings.

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Wallpaper can be used in many different ways as a room accent.
Wallpaper has surprising adaptability in contemporary, open design layouts
Jul 13 2011

With contemporary, open floor plans, it's difficult to strike the right balance between chic, uncluttered rooms and a look that comes across as stark.

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The sixth season of Design Star will continue to showcase contestants' creative process.
Design Star adds judges, a host and mentor in latest TV season
Jul 6 2011

HGTV's hit design show, "Design Star" begins its sixth season on July 11 with a new host, guest judges and a mentor for the contestants who was a contestant himself in a previous season.

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A vision in white
A vision in white
Jun 29 2011

Going for a clean design throughout your new apartment may begin with one word - white. A recent apartment displayed on showcased a modern apartment that was white from floor to ceiling.

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Add a unique backsplash to spruce up your kitchen
Add a unique backsplash to spruce up your kitchen
Jun 27 2011

If you're bored with the style of your kitchen, but don't have the means to preform a full facelift on your main eating area, consider updating your backsplash as a way to transform your dull design into a fabulous one-of-a-kind creation.

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Collections are best displayed in an asymmetrical arrangement.
The right window treatment is a good backdrop for personal collections
Jun 25 2011

Displaying a personal collection can make an immediate impact in a room, particularly if it contains things that have special meaning for their owners.

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 Create a nursery fit for a prince or princess
Create a nursery fit for a prince or princess
Jun 24 2011

Are you adding a new addition to the family? Considering that having a baby has become the celebrity trend of the year, many chic choices for nurseries have recently emerged.

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Create an impressive entranceway
Create an impressive entranceway
Jun 24 2011

Your entranceway often leads to people formulating the first impression of your home. If you're hoping to help people get a good feel of your personal style, certain changes can be made to brighten and enhance your home's overall appeal.

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Create a getaway in your home
Create a getaway in your home
Jun 22 2011

If you're one of the lucky people who have a screened-in porch, simple improvements may entice you to use this space even more. By creating a look that is both luxurious and inviting, you and your guests may end up spending more time outside than in your home.

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Limiting a home's wall colors to only a few selections will help unify the look throughout the house.
One color family keeps home decorating scheme unified
Jun 17 2011

By relying on one color family, home decorators can create a unified color scheme planned throughout their homes, rather than on a room-by-room basis.

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Choosing the right window treatments for an attic apartment.
Choosing the right window treatments for an attic apartment
Jun 17 2011

While decorating this space can be tricky, making the best use of light throughout the space will ensure that no matter how small your space is, it will be comfy and cozy for years to come.

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Adding depth to your interior design with an accent wall.
Adding depth to your interior design with an accent wall
Jun 15 2011

According to, the challenge is to find the right balance of color while not being overbearing in one room and being underwhelming in others.

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Window blinds and shades can be a finishing touch for your interior design.
Window blinds and shades can be a finishing touch for your interior design
Jun 13 2011

However, one place that homeowners tend to underestimate are window treatments which can pull a space together, according to the Midland Daily News.

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Working with the cottage-chic style into your home.
Working with the cottage-chic style into your home
Jun 10 2011

According to, many homeowners opt for the cottage-chic style, which features a minimalistic touch and crisp neutral colors that will showcase your design choices.

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Creative ways to help cool down your home.
Creative ways to help cool down your home
Jun 8 2011

If you forget to draw the shades before you leave for work, you will be coming home to a hot and sticky house if you don't prepare, according to

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Mixing vintage and new furnishings brings character to a room's decor.
A mix of old and new furnishings give rooms a look that's grown over time
Jun 8 2011

Home decorators who mix old and new furnishings can give their rooms a décor that looks as if it grew over time.

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Turn your stay-cation into a home makeover.
Turn your stay-cation into a home makeover
Jun 7 2011

According to the Bonners Ferry Herald, installing some cost-effective window blinds and shades and opening up your living spaces will make a difference all summer long.

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Neutral shades will highlight your design choices.
Neutral shades will highlight your design choices
Jun 6 2011

According to The Oregonian, an apartment with a prominent window is better served with a neutral window shade that will allow your smaller accents, such as area rugs, lamps and artwork, to brighten the space.

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Use bookshelves as a canvas to show off your design flair.
Use bookshelves as a canvas to show off your design flair
Jun 3 2011

According to, crafting a stylish bookshelf with items that create balance for the space will allow a homeowner to show off his personality and some of his treasured possessions.

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Window dressing tips from a top interior designer.
Window dressing tips from a top interior designer
Jun 2 2011

According to The Bellingham Herald, dressing up windows is tricky and requires some special considerations to ensure that you are providing the optimal energy-efficient benefits as well as an aesthetically pleasing home environment.

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Sheer curtains work well in an eclectic style of design.
Eclectic decorating can mix atmospheric materials with old and new furnishings
Jun 2 2011

When homeowners take an eclectic approach to decorating, they often mix different textures from old and new furnishings to arrive at a look that suits them.

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Window treatments can change the entire look of a home.
Window treatments can change the entire look of a home
Jun 1 2011

According to, the amount of light that filters into a room drastically will alter the style of the home, so care must be taken to find the perfect match for your décor.

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Choosing window treatments to match granite countertops.
Choosing window treatments to match granite countertops
May 31 2011

However, when using a granite countertop, you have a wide range of design possibilities and one of the most cost-effective improvements for your kitchen comes in the form of window blinds and shades.

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Incorporating a traditional aesthetic with modern accents.
Incorporating a traditional aesthetic with modern accents
May 27 2011

According to The Des Moines Register, Cross used some innovative techniques in the dining room area to give the space a renewed look.

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Changing the look of a dark hallway in your home.
Changing the look of a dark hallway in your home
May 26 2011

With clever use of your light from windows and light fixtures, a dark hallway can be a lot brighter, according to

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A breezy contemporary look will liven up your space for spring.
A breezy contemporary look will liven up your space for spring
May 25 2011

The color palette features shades of turquoise, jade green and yellow green for a soothing mix of hues that can work with just about anything.

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Organizing photos into a collection can be done for a wall display or table arrangement.
The right display area will help photo collections look their best
May 24 2011

There's no right or wrong place to display photos, but there are some rules that can guide home decorators who want to show photographs to their best advantage.

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Window treatments are essential summer apartment improvements.
Window treatments are essential summer apartment improvements
May 17 2011

Air conditioning costs can skyrocket during this season, but window blinds and shades can make a huge impact to enhance your light filtering ability and to control air leakage.

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Creating the perfect atmosphere when trying to sell your home.
Creating the perfect atmosphere when trying to sell your home
May 16 2011

According to, you'll want your home to stand out from the rest, but with a design that can be altered easily to suit the buyer's tastes.

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Chadds Ford house showcases blend of traditional and contemporary design.
Chadds Ford house showcases blend of traditional and contemporary design
May 13 2011

According to DelawareOnline, the home is a delightful mix of traditional and contemporary styles, and shows how modern improvements can be incorporated into a home that was built in 1912.

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