Aluminum Mini Blinds

Finding a quiet corner for reading and relaxing adds to a guest's comfort during a holiday visit.
Holiday guest quarters should include a place to relax and read
Nov 18 2011

With the onset of the busy holiday season, homeowners often have to arrange guest quarters they hope will make their visitors comfortable.

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Decorating according to one's personal taste will make homeowners happier with their choices.
Furnishings may mean more when they reflect homeowner's taste
Nov 16 2011

When homeowners go shopping for furnishings, they should ask themselves whether they are choosing furniture based on their personal taste or because it reminds them of something they saw in someone else's home.

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New finishes in metals are showing up in home decor.
Burnished look in metals works well with modern and traditional decor
Nov 11 2011

Metal fixtures are becoming available in softer finishes that have emerged as a design trend for kitchens and bathrooms, as well as door hardware.

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Mini blinds are a popular and affordable window covering.
Metallic mini blinds from Blinds Chalet come in a range of unique colors
Nov 10 2011

Among the most affordable of Blinds Chalet's extensive selection of window shades and blinds are aluminum mini blinds.

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Parents need to plan the sleeping arrangements when their children host sleepovers.
Planning out holiday time sleepovers should include bed arrangements
Nov 7 2011

As the holiday season approaches, it's time for homeowners to plan how they will accommodate a sleepover guest for their children during school vacation.

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A bamboo sunscreen roller shade can present as attractive a view of the window treatment from the outdoors as inside the home.
Bamboo sunscreen roller shades are attractive from the inside and the outdoors
Nov 4 2011

A window treatment should be well-coordinated with a home's interior, but should also present an attractive view to passersby outdoors.

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Rugs soften the look of kitchens with wood flooring.
New and practical choices expand options for kitchen flooring
Oct 28 2011

With some practical considerations, homeowners are expanding their view of the type of flooring that works well in kitchens.

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Window blinds allow filtered light to enter a room and enhance its decor.
8-gauge mini blinds offer added durability with spring tempered slats
Oct 24 2011

Mini blinds come in a variety of weights and slat sizes to suit virtually any style décor.

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Blinds Chalet's Embassy micro blinds offer superb light control and privacy.
Embassy micro blinds easily fit hard-to-cover window shapes and sizes
Oct 3 2011

Mini blinds come in all types of finishes and size slats within the selections offered by Blinds Chalet.

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There are easy ways for students to introduce style into their rental decor.
Quick fixes, including new window blinds, can help a rental reflect a student's taste
Oct 3 2011

By now, college students have unpacked their boxes - hopefully - and settled into a regular schedule of classes. But if they are renting a furnished or partly furnished apartment, they may be wondering how they will get through the year with décor that doesn't fit their taste.

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Homeowners can organize their book collectons by subject, alphabetically or by color.
Affordable mini blinds complement organized book shelves
Sep 21 2011

Book-loving homeowners have a variety of ways by which they can organize their volumes and prevent stacks of well-loved books from turning into clutter.

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Mini blinds remain one of the most popular of window coverings.
Buy three, get one free sale now on for Blinds Chalet's Classic mini blinds
Sep 15 2011

Since they arrived on the home decorating scene, few window treatments have endured in popularity as much as aluminum mini-blinds.

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Aluminum mini blinds can be ordered with a rich, wood-like finish.
The rich look of wood blinds are available in affordable mini blinds
Aug 22 2011

Customers of Blinds Chalet can get the rich look of wood blinds, but the convenience and affordability of aluminum mini blinds.

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Go for red blinds for a pop of color.
Opt for a set of Embassy Mini Blinds in red for a pop of color
Aug 18 2011

In a contemporary setting, neutral colors like white and black always reign supreme. However, too much of this can end up being bland and uninspired. There are times when all a room needs is a pop of color, whether with a wall accent or a piece of décor.

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When outfitting a window for new shades or blinds, upgrading them with such features as cornices and routeless ladders gives them added visual appeal.
Upgrades offered by Blinds Chalet add to aesthetic appeal of blinds and shades
Aug 15 2011

Blinds Chalet offers many upgrades that add high-quality style to their windows and help turn them into a design focal poin.

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Custon-made window blinds and shades can be made quickly through Blind Chalet's express production.
Express production meets the decorating needs of Blinds Chalet customers
Aug 8 2011

When consumers need to get their decorating needs met in a hurry, express production of custom-made window blinds and shades from Blinds Chalet is the way to go.

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A traditional living room still needs some window treatment like mini blinds.
Installing mini blinds in a traditional setting
Aug 1 2011

A traditional room is often filled with a collection of time-worn pieces and beautifully detailed décor that evokes a different time and place. Installing mini blinds in a room with a traditional setting may not seem like a good idea at first...

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Integrating inherited items into one's decor can be done effectively with some planning.
Mini blinds can be integrated into design with inherited furnishings
Jul 28 2011

From mini blinds to one-of-a-kind collectibles, homeowners often inherit furnishings and accessories that relatives and friends no longer need.

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Using a color wheel can help homeowners make easier decorating choices.
Color wheel aids in choice of window treatments, from roller shades to mini blinds
Jul 27 2011

If classic color combinations are what home decorators are looking for, the color wheel is the easiest tool to establish which hues work best together.

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Students should consider window treatments in their dorm rooms that will lessen glare on their computers.
Mini blinds can be a versatile and practical addition to a college dorm room
Jul 26 2011

As students begin planning their move back to college in the fall, they need to take stock of the furnishings and accessories that will help them create a home away from home.

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Aluminum mini blinds can look sophisticated in a contemporary bedroom.
Aluminum mini blinds for that industrial look
Jul 20 2011

Different people have different ideas of what looks good. From the traditionalists who opt for old-world furniture to contemporary fans who like the sleek finishes, there's an aesthetic for every taste.

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Unique designs were shown at a recent NeoCon interiors show in Chicago.
Simple roller shades can spark creativity in a home design
Jul 19 2011

Home decorators who are trying to decide on a new room design or window treatment – from mini blinds or roller shades - should look to the Savannah College of Art and Design for inspiration.

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The sixth season of Design Star will continue to showcase contestants' creative process.
Design Star adds judges, a host and mentor in latest TV season
Jul 6 2011

HGTV's hit design show, "Design Star" begins its sixth season on July 11 with a new host, guest judges and a mentor for the contestants who was a contestant himself in a previous season.

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Window planters will look perfect with some new window treatments.
Window planters will look perfect with some new window treatments
Jun 16 2011

Plants have an uncanny ability to make a house feel like a home, and when they're used in conjunction with fashionable window treatments, you will have a layout that can adapt to any season, according to Maine's The Free Press.

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Home decorators should use furnishings that have personal meaning to them.
Designer advises decorating with items that have personal meaning
Jun 15 2011

"Make it your own" could be interior designer Jonathan Adler's mantra.

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Window blinds and shades can be a finishing touch for your interior design.
Window blinds and shades can be a finishing touch for your interior design
Jun 13 2011

However, one place that homeowners tend to underestimate are window treatments which can pull a space together, according to the Midland Daily News.

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Going green and saving energy this summer.
Going green and saving energy this summer
Jun 9 2011

Those who are committed to the sustainable lifestyle and want to keep cool this summer have a host of green options to help cut their energy usage.

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Easy-to-clean window treatments will cut down allergens in your home.
Easy-to-clean window treatments will cut down allergens in your home
Jun 9 2011

It's important to have a window treatment that's easy-to-clean and now is the perfect time of year to do some spring cleaning, according to the Calgary Herald.

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Children's rooms should reflect a youngster's personal interests or favorite characters.
Wall art for children's rooms should be based on a child's interests
May 2 2011

Parents should look to their children's interests when searching for a decorative border or art work for their youngster's rooms.

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There are many options to consider when decorating your modern kitchen.
Choosing window treatments for the modern kitchen
Apr 26 2011

Kitchen interior design has shifted away from the wood cabinets and linoleum floors of the past to feature sleek lines, dark hues and stainless steel appliances.

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Window treatments are perfect options for your screened-in porch and can cut down on glare and provide privacy.
The perfect window treatments for screened-in porches
Apr 22 2011

Using some durable window treatments in this space will spruce up the look of your porch.

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Aluminum mini blinds are a versatile choice for any area of your home.
White blinds offer a sleek look for spring
Apr 7 2011

White blinds could be a wonderful choice if you're looking to remodel your living room or kitchen, and their reflective qualities will enhance your usage of natural light, according to The San Fernando Valley Sun.

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Motorized blinds or shades can manage light easily from a skylight.
Skylight window treatments can be controlled by remote or electric switch
Apr 6 2011

Consumers have a choice of window coverings that are well-suited to skylights, but for the ease of adjusting the amount of sun that enters a room, a motorized window shade or blind can manage both light and window drafts.

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Shelving can be customized to a certain space depending on the weight of stored items or the size of containers that hold them.
Roller shades or mini blinds are a good choice in storage area windows
Mar 31 2011

Homeowners, as well as apartment dwellers, can benefit from designing a home storage center that provides a compact way to store their possessions.

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Kitchens in darker colors were a huge hit at the recent Toronto Interior Design Show.
Black interiors are huge at the Toronto Interior Design Show
Mar 16 2011

The Toronto Interior Design show is one of the biggest exhibitions in the home decorating business, and brings together some of the brightest minds in the industry.

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Involve children in helping to keep their playroom organized.
Playroom windows can be outfitted with easy-to-use mini blinds
Mar 16 2011

Creating an organized playroom requires the same routine as any reorganization - evaluate needs, clear space to sort belongings and re-stock the room in easy-to-use containers and shelving.

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Apartment dwellers don't have to be satisfied with plain white walls any longer.
Mini blinds are a versatile choice for apartment windows
Mar 8 2011

Decorating an apartment often has to be completed around limitations set down in the rental agreement. But renters today can find lots of interesting products that help them bring life to white walls and ho-hum floors.

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A garden shed can be converted into a child's playhouse.
Mini-blinds are easy for a child to adjust in a playhouse windows
Feb 28 2011

Kurt and Jenna Susanke were able to give their daughter a world-class playhouse when they moved to a former Illinois dairy farm owned by Kurt's family.

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The Palm Springs modernism week is a showcase of progressive architecture and interior design.
Palm Springs modernism week showcases latest designs
Feb 24 2011

Palm Springs, California, is well known for its progressive architecture, and the annual celebration of these spectacular buildings is called Modernism Week.

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A mudroom can do double-duty as a laundry and as a place to set up cabinets for storage and countertops for workspace.
Mini-blinds are an affordable choice for a multi-functional mudroom
Feb 17 2011

A mudroom doesn't have to be just a place to wash the dog, store the children's sports equipment and hang the family's heavy jackets.

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Cleaning your windows and window treatments is a great way to keep dust and allergens out of your home.
Spring is the best time to clean your window treatments
Feb 16 2011

If your window treatments have begun to look in sorry shape, now may be the time for a full-scale cleaning or possibly some new shades or blinds.

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A piece of furniture can be remade into a bathroom vanity.
Metal window blinds offset new ideas for renovating a bathroom vanity
Feb 8 2011

A bathroom vanity isn't limited to standard cabinetry and surfaces meant only for the bath area, according to

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Bathroom rugs can be decorative as well as durable.
Aluminum mini blinds and rugs add to decorative style of bathrooms
Jan 31 2011

Instead of a traditional shaggy throw rug, today's bathroom rugs have more in common with rugs and carpeting found in other parts of the house. Function is still important because of the humidity and water spills that occur in a bathroom, but not at the expense of good style, according to

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Metal window blinds can match industrial chic pieces
Metal window blinds can match industrial chic pieces
Jan 31 2011

At Canada's largest contemporary design fair in Toronto, The Calgary Sun recently asked interior designers about the hottest trends of 2011. Many responded that one of the biggest fads in home design was to decorate with industrial chic pieces.

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Kitchen rugs can soften the hard look of appliances and flooring.
Window treatments can be coordinated with kitchen rug
Jan 28 2011

Rugs aren't often associated with kitchens, but they can help take the edge off the hard look of kitchen appliances and flooring.

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Monochromatic theme can be complemented by metal window blinds
Monochromatic theme can be complemented by metal window blinds
Jan 25 2011

One couple recently worked for three years making their home as comfortable and inviting as possible, but become stuck in a rut when thinking about the master bedroom.

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White used in wall color and furnishings is a good way to open up a small space.
Aluminum mini blinds help create spaciousness in a small space
Jan 17 2011

Nothing beats white when it comes to opening up a small space, according to Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

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Stay budget friendly and organized with aluminium mini-blinds
Stay budget friendly and organized with aluminum mini-blinds
Jan 12 2011

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Adding new colors and finishes to walls can personalize the look of a room.
Variety of windows treatments offset the new neutrals foreseen by designers
Jan 10 2011

Warm colors can create an atmosphere that's as vibrant as fire engine red or as bright and lively as sunshine yellow. Cool colors, straight out of the seashore and pastoral settings, evoke a sense of peace and relaxation.

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The Sunday comics can provide a wall decoration for a child's room.
Aluminum mini blinds shed light on child's comic strip décor
Dec 16 2010

By simply clipping the Sunday newspaper, a new wall treatment for a child's playroom or bedroom can be created with the youngster's favorite comic strips.

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