Choosing window treatments for the modern kitchen

Apr 26 2011

There are many options to consider when decorating your modern kitchen.
There are many options to consider when decorating your modern kitchen.
Kitchen interior design has shifted away from the wood cabinets and linoleum floors of the past to feature sleek lines, dark hues and stainless steel appliances. When choosing window treatments for this space, homeowners should consider the durability and the blending the colors of the window blinds and shades with the rest of your kitchen's accents.

However, just because the modern kitchen features some darker colors, doesn't mean you can't brighten the room with some natural accents. Faux wood blinds are a perfect choice for above the sink or any window in the room. They are highly moisture-resistant and will not warp or lose their brilliance after years of heavy use.

Another option that will be up to handle the rigors of the modern kitchen are aluminum mini-blinds. These come in many colors and styles and can be custom made to fit any window. For consumers who want a bit more privacy in their space, they are wonderful options. Additionally, they will let in a warm volume of light that will brighten your space during the day and blend beautifully with your décor in the evening.  
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