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Horizontal Fabric Shades

The right mix of neutrals or brighter colors can offset a white room to its best advantage.
Horizontal fabric shades are a good choice for a white-based room
Nov 18 2011

White may go with anything, but homeowners have to make an effort to balance it with the right choice of colored accessories.

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The way that furniture is arranged can affect how inviting the room atmosphere is.
Horizontal fabric shades are a good complement to new room arrangement
Nov 3 2011

Creating an atmosphere that is conducive to conversation and interaction can be as easy as trying a new furniture arrangement in a room.

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Family rooms can be zoned for different activities that appeal to the whole family.
Family rooms need window treatments that shed light on activities
Sep 16 2011

Family rooms should be just that - rooms that cater to the interests of all members of the family.

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Area rugs, chosen according to the right size for a particular space, can give balance to a room.
No hard rules, but guidelines advise how to use area rugs to achieve balance
Jun 6 2011

Interior designer Susan Welch Heeney believes there are no hard and fast rules about choosing the right size area rug for a particular space, although following some guidelines will help homeowners arrive at the right proportion and placement of rugs to bring balance to a room.

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