Horizontal Fabric Shades

The right mix of neutrals or brighter colors can offset a white room to its best advantage.
Horizontal fabric shades are a good choice for a white-based room
Nov 18 2011

White may go with anything, but homeowners have to make an effort to balance it with the right choice of colored accessories.

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Vintage containers are among the collectibles that fit shabby chic decorating.
Shabby chic style includes muted hues, soft fabrics and vintage look
Nov 11 2011

For rooms that are reminiscent of an earlier era, home decorators can adopt the muted tones and soft furnishings of the shabby chic style of decorating.

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A home workout area can be attractive as well as functional.
Horizontal fabric shades combine function and looks of shades and blinds
Nov 7 2011

Bold colors and double-duty furniture can create an attractive, but functional workout area in one's home that is tailored to exercise routines and the amount of space they require.

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The way that furniture is arranged can affect how inviting the room atmosphere is.
Horizontal fabric shades are a good complement to new room arrangement
Nov 3 2011

Creating an atmosphere that is conducive to conversation and interaction can be as easy as trying a new furniture arrangement in a room.

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Coming up with a concept for a room helps the design process move forward.
Fall is a time to try new decorating styles based on design 'concept'
Oct 27 2011

Fall is a good time to consider a new look for a home, whether to spruce things up for the holidays or to try out new color and decorating trends that are introduced by the home design industry.

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Window treatments can affect the amount of sunlight brought indoors.
Choosing the right window treatment can add light and keep privacy in a home
Oct 25 2011

As colder months approach, homeowners shift their home improvement skills to indoor maintenance projects that save energy and make their homes cozier and warm.

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Windows can be stylishly dressed with horizontal fabric shades.
Versatile horizontal fabric shades combine qualities of several window coverings
Oct 17 2011

Horizontal fabric shades takes their look and function from three types of window covering - venetian blinds, roman shades and pleated shades.

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Good lighting and comfortable seating are needed for a reading area.
Fabric roller shades can be matched to furnishings around reading nooks
Oct 10 2011

A reading nook can be set up in any room where it will be comfortable for the reader, but task lighting from a table lamp, wall sconce or floor lamp is a must wherever the nook is located.

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Mirrors and monochromatic color schemes give a sense of spaciousness to smaller bathrooms.
Fabric roller shades are a good choice for decorating bathrooms
Sep 22 2011

Bringing as much light as possible into a small bathroom can help create the illusion of more space in cramped quarters.

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Family rooms can be zoned for different activities that appeal to the whole family.
Family rooms need window treatments that shed light on activities
Sep 16 2011

Family rooms should be just that - rooms that cater to the interests of all members of the family.

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A counter extension can serve double duty as a breakfast bar and cooking prep space.
New Design Star winner focuses on before-and-after design changes
Sep 16 2011

Before and after is what Meg Caswell does best, which may be one reason why she recently became the winner of the sixth season of HGTV's Design Star series.

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Blinds or shades can be added to windows without sacrificing the view.
Many window coverings from Blinds Chalet allow great outdoor views
Aug 25 2011

One of the considerations that homeowners have when they buy new window treatments is how to preserve their view of outdoors without compromising their privacy.

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Apartment dwellers can personalize their home spaces at affordable prices.
Horizontal fabric shades offer apartment dwellers versatile decorating options
Aug 25 2011

Today's apartment dweller has a variety of affordable options to brighten up any space, owned or leased, without giving up their personal style.

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Planning for a new window treatment should include considering energy savings that come with certain types of shades and blinds.
GreenGuard-certified window shades meet high standard for air quality
Aug 12 2011

A typical home can lose a considerable amount of heat through windows in cold months, and allow heat to seep into a home during warm months.

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Unique designs were shown at a recent NeoCon interiors show in Chicago.
Simple roller shades can spark creativity in a home design
Jul 19 2011

Home decorators who are trying to decide on a new room design or window treatment – from mini blinds or roller shades - should look to the Savannah College of Art and Design for inspiration.

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A child's room can use different colors at every stage of their growth.
A child's room needs to 'grow' them and reflect their changing interests
Jun 30 2011

Homeowners are frequently advised to personalize their home décor to reflect their interests, and the same can be said about children's rooms - with one difference.

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A white-on-white color scheme works well in any season.
White is a wonder color that brightens, enlarges and goes with any hue
Jun 27 2011

White can work wonders for any room because it goes with any accent color. It brightens a dark space, helps to make a small room look larger and it works in any season of the year.

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One way to expand the look of a room is to use window coverings in the same color as the walls.
Monochromatic approach with window coverings gives illusion of space
Jun 16 2011

Homeowners are often looking for ways to expand the look of small rooms, and sometimes a decorating trick that dupes the eye can achieve that goal.

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Two shades of rose are among those inspired by fashions on New York runways this spring.
Home decorators can look to fashion runways for their color inspiration
Jun 14 2011

The colors that fashion decorators are showing in their annual collections can serve as inspiration for interior design as well. If a color is one that someone is comfortable wearing, it makes sense that they may enjoy seeing it in their home surroundings.

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Area rugs, chosen according to the right size for a particular space, can give balance to a room.
No hard rules, but guidelines advise how to use area rugs to achieve balance
Jun 6 2011

Interior designer Susan Welch Heeney believes there are no hard and fast rules about choosing the right size area rug for a particular space, although following some guidelines will help homeowners arrive at the right proportion and placement of rugs to bring balance to a room.

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Softer, burnished metals have become popular finishes for door handles and other hardware.
Window treatment's hardware incorporates newer metals for a modern look
Jun 3 2011

Stainless steel still reigns as the top choice among home decorators for their kitchen appliances, but softer finishes in metal fixtures has also emerged as a recent design trend.

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White can still be a popular choice in the bedroom if used properly.
White can still be a popular choice in the bedroom if used properly
May 24 2011

In addition, a neutral palette will give you plenty of leeway with your style choices, and it will allow small bursts of color such as artwork, throw pillows and window blinds and shades to be highlighted significantly, according to SilentNight.co.uk.

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Furniture has become more popular as a decorating tool in bathrooms.
Furniture and complementary window treatments can be added to a bathroom
May 23 2011

Recorating a bathroom can go beyond just adding new tile or fixtures. Designers and homeowners have begun to integrate pieces of furniture, in seating or in place of traditional vanities, into the bathroom.

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An entryway can be elaborate or simple, but should tie into the rest of the home's decor.
Fabric roller shades can tie entryway into other rooms
May 9 2011

Whether it's called the entry, foyer or vestibule, the entrance to one's home provides the first impression a visitor will have of the owner's decorating style.

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The look of a dining room can be changed by using different shaped tables and furniture arrangements.
Different furniture arrangements bring new uses to a dining room
May 5 2011

Dining rooms can be be put to better use when the furniture is rearranged between gatherings when a formal table and chairs are needed.

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Round tables take the edge off the rectangular shape of most apartments.
Variety of window treatments with a valance create a focal point in an apartment
Apr 26 2011

Apartment dwellers often feel confined by the neutral colors on walls, floors and tiling in their rented homes, but it doesn't have to be that way, according to HGTV.com.

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Sloping walls within a home with a steep-pitched roof creates a decorating dilemma for homeowners.
Sloping walls place emphasis on window treatments as a focal point
Apr 22 2011

Having steep slopes in a home's architecture inevitably leads to nooks and crannies created by sloping interior walls that can be a challenge to home decorators.

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Decorative throws can add a splash of color to neutral furnishings.
Fabric roller shades complement ensembles that include decorative throws
Apr 20 2011

Decorative throws have become a staple in home decorating ensembles as well as serving a function as a quick cover in a chilly room.

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Earthy colors were often used in American colonial-era homes.
Colonial era paint choices still work in modern-day home decorating
Apr 15 2011

Modern home decorators can take a cue from the American colonial era when distinct styles of design emerged and continue to this day.

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Cottage-style decorating can incorporate old and new furnishings.
Cottage decorating is an eclectic style that combines what homeowners love best
Apr 13 2011

Being eclectic is the heart of cottage-style decorating, in which a variety of furnishings can reflect what homeowners love best.

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Gray is a versatile neutral that goes with many strong colors.
Fabric roller shades in gray can offset or complement other room colors
Apr 7 2011

Home decorators who want to integrate gray tones in their homes don't have to give up their love of warm colors.

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The color of ceilings and wood trim in a room should be considered in the color choices for a room.
Color of room trims and doors are an important element in room décor
Mar 28 2011

The color of moldings, trims and doors can be as important as wall color when home decorators are considering a new design scheme for a room.

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Vibrant colors are at home in all rooms.
Formal areas of home can be colorful with a balance of colors
Mar 18 2011

Home decorators don't have to shy away from using bold colors and innovative combinations, even in the most formal areas of their homes such as living or dining rooms.

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Strikes can be bold or subtle as a feature in home decorating.
Horizontal fabric shades work well in a room that features stripes
Mar 4 2011

Florida-based interior designer Michelle Jennings likens the use of stripes in home décor to the slimming effect they have when used in clothing.

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Bright bathrooms with safety features help seniors live safely in their homes.
Some home improvements can make a house safer for seniors
Feb 23 2011

A few home improvements can make a house safe for seniors who want to continue living in their own homes as they get older.

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A closet room can bring order to a wardrobe.
Horizontal fabric shades are a good choice for a closet room that needs lots of light
Jan 21 2011

A closet room may seem like a contradiction of terms. But for a homeowner who has the luxury of an extra room that isn't used much, Baltimore interior designer Amanda Austin can share her experience in creating a closet room in her home.

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Horizontal fabric shades a versatile option for kitchen and bathroom renovations
Horizontal fabric shades a versatile option for kitchen and bathroom renovations
Jan 18 2011

Design director Adrienne Chinn recently told Britain's Press & Journal that, in uncertain economies, homeowners generally invest in kitchens and bathrooms to improve a house's value.

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Adding new colors and finishes to walls can personalize the look of a room.
Variety of windows treatments offset the new neutrals foreseen by designers
Jan 10 2011

Warm colors can create an atmosphere that's as vibrant as fire engine red or as bright and lively as sunshine yellow. Cool colors, straight out of the seashore and pastoral settings, evoke a sense of peace and relaxation.

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Horizontal fabric shades can accommodate savvy design principles
Horizontal fabric shades can accommodate savvy design principles
Jan 6 2011

Interior designer Candice Olson recently shared some of her top design principles with The Winnipeg Free Press, right before her show, Candice Tells All, premiers as a forum for her to explain all of the secrets she uses when designing rooms.

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Small touches can give a bathroom a vintage look.
A vintage look can include horizontal fabric shades in a bathroom
Jan 3 2011

Creating a vintage look for a bathroom doesn't mean having to go to the expense of installing a classic, clawfoot bathtub. While that may be the ultimate in vintage bathroom design, there are easier and less expensive steps that can transport a bathroom into a bygone era.

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Horizontal fabric shades can help create unique dimensions
Horizontal fabric shades can help create unique dimensions
Dec 21 2010

When it comes to outlining separate functions for spaces in a home, many individuals have trouble.

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Greenery at an entryway and stair railings give a decorative greeting to visitors.
Horizontal fabric shades control light brought into an entryway
Dec 14 2010

First impressions count, and decorating the entryway will give visitors an immediate idea of how savvy the homeowners are about their holiday decorating skills.

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Make visitors feel comfortable with horizontal fabric shades
Make visitors feel comfortable with horizontal fabric shades
Dec 9 2010

Decorating for an onslaught of visitors can sometimes be a harrowing experience, but homeowners don't need to dread the task after taking some steps to making a home warm and welcoming, according to The Arizona Republic.

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Decorating a new apartment allows individuals to express their personal design style.
Horizontal fabric shades are a good choice for decorating a new apartment
Dec 7 2010

Starting out in a new apartment means decorating with a clean slate on which colors, patterns and textures come together to express a personal design style.

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Horizontal fabric shades can make a room comfortable and unique
Horizontal fabric shades can make a room comfortable and unique
Dec 2 2010

Interior designer Nate Berkus has one guiding principle when he is designing a home - comfort. MomLogic.com reports that he thinks that this is the key to any attractive abode, and shares his tips with those who are looking to emulate this tradition.

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Light, colors, horizontal fabric shades can create warmth in a home
Light, colors, horizontal fabric shades can create warmth in a home
Nov 24 2010

When it comes down to it, most homeowners do little more than turn on the heat when trying to keep warm during the winter. However, some suggest that improving the aesthetic appeal of a room can have generate a kind of mental warmth, according to The Auburn Citizen.

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A decorative throw can add color and comfort to a reading area.
Horizontal fabric shades go well with a decorative throw in a reading area
Nov 23 2010

On chilly days, decorative throws are a practical addition to bedrooms or cozy reading areas in the family den or living room. But they can also complement the colors and textures of any style décor.

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Hosts can make overnight guests comfortable with a few homey touches.
Holiday visitors can enjoy reading near windows with horizontal fabric shades
Nov 16 2010

A visitor who stays over during the holidays can be made to feel at home even when the host doesn't have a spare bedroom.

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Over-the-top DIY projects can discourage potential home buyers.
Horizontal fabric shades appeal to variety of tastes in window treatments
Nov 8 2010

Sometimes do-it-yourselfers go too far in their quest to build a distinctive look for their homes, as shown by a new survey of what consumers considered among the worst home improvement trends in the past 30 years.

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A Brooklyn couple has lived in the same Park Slope apartment for more than six decades.
Horizontal fabric shades have staying power as styles change through the years
Nov 2 2010

A four-story apartment building in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn is a study in how a home changes over the years to match the needs of the people who live there.

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