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Noise reduction shades may help in noisy concert areas

Jun 25 2010

Noise reduction shades may help in noisy area concerts
Noise reduction shades may help in noisy area concerts
The Coney Island concert series has been a community event for 32 years and now locals want to end the shows due to excessive noises. The Matzav reports that those affected have filed a lawsuit because they say that the concerts are already in violation of a law that prohibits "amplified sound within 500 feet of religious institutions."

Residents are also wary of the president of the series, Marty Markowitz, because he has recently announced a $64 million investment in a new amphitheater that people fear will be bigger and louder. All of these concerts are free to the public and attract thousands of listeners, the news provider suggests.

Given the amount of summer concerts on Ticketmaster, it is clear that there are a number of shows that are both indoor and outdoor that may generate the same amount of noise. One may want to consider getting something that will soften these sounds, especially with July 4th approaching.

A good strategy to dampen the noise from a roar to a hush is to install noise reducing, single or double cell shades. These will naturally seal a window from the outdoor blaring and make the sound of instruments and crowds go dull.
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