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Noise reduction shades can help soundproof a home

Jan 7 2011

Noise reduction shades can help soundproof a home
Noise reduction shades can help soundproof a home
Children pets and guests can all contribute to a general feeling of chaos in an otherwise quiet home, especially if it isn't designed to be quiet. Some abodes will echo with the sound at an unpleasant volume that may end in headaches.

Luckily, there are some easy and effective ways to block unwanted noise. Homeowners should try to dampen sound by carpeting hardwood floors, preferably with a layer that stretches from wall to wall, according to

It's also possible to be stylish and soundproof at the same time. Tapestries and other pieces of artwork can be hung on the walls to muffle sounds from another room. Double glazing the walls is another option.

For those who have difficulty falling asleep or concentrating due to outside noise, however, it may be time to try a different approach.

A host of noise can come from the window, so finding the right window treatment may be key in battling these sounds. Noise reduction shades are available in a variety of patterns and colors, so they can add to the aesthetic of a room while also saving a homeowner's eardrums.
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