Introducing Camouflage Window Blinds

Feb 8 2012

Blinds Chalet is pleased to introduce our newest window blinds! Our Camouflage roller shades are made with the latest camo designs and styles. Ideal for the ultimate hunter or outdoorsman. Great for your cabin, office, trophy room or anywhere you want to add that hunters touch. Turn an ordinary living space into your own personal hunting lodge.

Each camo roller shade is custom made in USA in the hunting hearland of America. Each window shade is built to your window's specifications.

Choose from the most recent camouflage patterns. Digital images such as weathered Hohnson grass, wild oats, cornstalks, woods and more. Each pattern creates a window shade with realistic backgrounds.

Upgrade your camo window blinds with motorization so you can operate them with the push of a button. Multiple shades can be "networked" so they are lowered or raised with one remote. Buy your hunting window blinds today!
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Feb 16 2012

Wow, I had no idea there was so much going on in the world of blinds! Very informative blog. I have the plain off-white, fake wood blinds in my house. When it's time to upgrade I will be way more adventurous.

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