Distressed 2 Inch Wood Blinds

Jan 7 2010

wood blinds
Blinds Chalet has just added a new rustic look wood blind. Our Distressed 2" Wood Blinds are designed with an antique flavor. Each basswood slat as well as the head rail and bottom rail are distressed to look old and rustic. Whether you need blinds for your cabin, office, or home, our distressed wood blinds are sure to add that antiqued rustic feel to your decor.

Because these wooden blinds are designed with a distressed look there will be scratches, dents, and dings in the wood slats as well as the valance and bottom rail. This is designed for that old wood look and feel. Color variation is also common with these blinds.

About the Distressed Wood Blinds

Each wood slat is cut from the vertical grain for superior stability and less warping.  Our basswood blinds are manufactured with the highest quality components. Each blind is made with a heavy duty, roll-formed metal headrail for added stability and strength. The cord lock that closes the blinds is designed with a stainless steel wear guard with a crash-resistant safety feature to lock the blind once the lift cord is released.  What this means is smoother operation and tighter slat closure on the blinds. The cord tilter has a steel gear housing for longevity.
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