Home office needs clutter-free, functional floor plan to enhance productivity

Apr 7 2011

A home office must have a clear floor plan to be effective.
A home office must have a clear floor plan to be effective.
Portland, Oregon interior designer Angela Todd believes that the design of a home office can have an effect on the productivity, creativity and energy level of those who use it.

Taking steps to design an office area that allows homeowners to do their best work starts with clearing away the clutter to open the way for an organized office. Setting up a floor plan that allows good traffic flow and easy access to all electronics and supplies is another step in this direction.

"A home office floor plan gives you quick, easy access to items you need on a daily basis," Todd told TheHomeOfficeOrganizer.com. "A good floor plan is also compatible with your type of business. For example, my home studio includes a work area to layout floor plans, fabrics and surface materials."

Built-in cabinetry can be customized to fit a small office, using all the available space by building from ceiling to floor. Another good idea is to attach a vertical bulletin board the size of a full-length mirror on a side wall.

Faux wood blinds are an affordable, but stylish choice for a window treatment in a home office. They complement both traditional and contemporary decorating schemes with a variety of finishes and colors.
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