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Privacy and light can be managed by motorized window coverings for skylights

Mar 11 2011

Motorized blinds or shades are an ideal accompaniment to a skylight.
Motorized blinds or shades are an ideal accompaniment to a skylight.
The wide range of skylights that can be installed in a home these days is as varied as the architectural styles available to homeowners.

They can also illuminate any room of the house, although skylights have the added benefit of creating ventilation in tight spaces or finished attics. From domes to traditional flat windows, these specialty windows are a good source of natural light for areas that are normally closed-off from sunlight, according to

When it's necessary to adjust the amount of light, or to protect one's privacy in bathrooms or bedrooms, motorized window shades or blinds allow the homeowner to open or close the window treatments with the push of a button, the website reports.

Motorized window blinds or shades can be controlled by a hand-held remote control or through wall electrical switches. The added benefit of a remote-controlled, motorized window treatment is that they can run on batteries with no need to install electrical wiring.

The window treatments chosen for skylight windows can also match any decorating style with a wide choice of materials and colors in shades or blinds.
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